Let’s Lash By Pamela Leyva

Let’s Lash By Pamela Leyva

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Let´s Lash By Pamela Leyva is a LashArtist certified studio, located inside the Fundadores Plaza, is a professional eyelash salon that specializes in the beautification of eyelashes and eyebrows: and it does so with excellent skill. The work is carefully done by Lashist professionals is done for the satisfaction and happiness of the desired taste of each client. The exclusive texture of the extension is “sedamink” has been the hallmark of distinction of the owner Pamela Leyva, in the Lashistas market of Cabo San Lucas. A skill many in the industry consider a work of art. The benefits offered by Let´s Lash, include different effects volumes and naturalness for each eye and type of natural eyelashes whose price varies depending on the taste and need of each client.

Pamela Leyva is a General Director, Master in Advanced Russian Volumes, Mega Volumes and Natural Classics. Certified by Phylashes Academy, Lash International NY, NALA, get certified, participate in passion Lashes Workshops and updates, Starlashes Russia, Miss Lashes Mexico.


Phone: 01 624 165 4111

Email: letslashpl@gmail.com

Domicilio: Meridian Square 111 Camino Real 2308 Col. El Medano CP 23454 Cabo San Lucas Behind Bancomer at Plaza Fundadore


Let’s lash by pamela Leyva, Cabo San Lucas – 27 July, Dmmf










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