post-title Half of the Restaurants are Operations after Lidia

Half of the Restaurants are Operations after Lidia

Half of the Restaurants are Operations after Lidia

Half of the Los Cabos Restaurants are operational after Lidia.

Source:  Tribuna de Los Cabos  09/04/2017


Cabo San Lucas As reported by Tribuna Los Cabos.

After the passage of Tropical Storm Lidia, food establishments were also affected by the flood, so at the moment, according to the head of the Chamber of the Restaurant Industry of Los Cabos, Rodrigo Cabeza de Vaca, only 50 percent of its associates are in operation.




He detailed the representative of the sector that within the most severe damages, one restaurant caught fire, another located in the area of the Country Club was washed away by the water.

He acknowledged that this phenomenon took the restaurant by surprise because there had never been so much water and many establishments were affected.

At the moment, the situation they live in is that they do not have a potable water service to operate. They are also without collaborators, because many of them live or lived in conflict zones, where the storm took everything. “The reality of the restaurant industry is because we must support our employees, who were the most affected. In the case of restaurants, it is easier to restructure them. “

Hence, the sector is operating at 50 percent, since they complied with the health contingency that lasted 3 days; in this case, made a call to restaurants that already have the hygiene conditions, so that they start to work, otherwise, do not do it. “The establishments that are on the streets where there are open drains, where there is much dust, we are asking that they do not open by the health problems that they can cause to their clients”.

And is that recognized that although this is an issue of economic impact for all to stop working, it is important to comply with all provisions.

50% of Los Cabos Restaurants are operational after Tropical Storm Lidia

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