post-title Ways to Support Tropical Storm Lidia Recovery

Ways to Support Tropical Storm Lidia Recovery

Ways to Support Tropical Storm Lidia Recovery

Workers cleaning up Medano Beach on September 4.

In the immediate aftermath of tropical storm Lidia, Los Cabos community leaders set to work to help those most affected by the storm. The Cabo San Lucas volunteer fire department was the first donation center, collecting food and clothing to disperse to impoverished neighborhoods that experienced some of the most devastation following the 16 hours of rain that pounded the region. Homes were washed away, and highways and byways were severely damaged.

“The Fire Department has been working four days,” said fire department commander Juan Carbajal on Sunday, September 3. “We are collecting groceries, clothes, medicine, water, diapers, shoes for babies, and underwear for babies. People in the neighborhoods have lost everything: houses, all their belongings. Now the fire department is working to deliver everything to the families. There are a lot of people waiting for something to eat and something to wear. The fire department is open 24 hours.”

Brian Solomon of Solomon’s Landing posted via social media: “The situation we are in requires help from all those who can support the people of  Los Cabos who have lost much more than we have. We are accepting donations in the form of food, canned foods, first aid kits, blankets, clothes, beds, pillows and anything you believe could help and be needed. We will be delivering them to affected areas. Anything would be very much appreciated, and anyone who wants to be involved in the drop off and drive out to the affected areas in a car, truck or caravan, feel free to join. We will be leaving Solomon’s Landing Restaurant at 12 noon on Monday, September 4.” And deliver they did. “It was an emotional moment, driving there to help and deliver donations,” said Solomon’s Landing assistant manager Enrique Rivera Mendoza. “Thank you to everyone who helped donate clothes, food, and water.”

Entire neighborhoods have been washed away, and those families are with the least amount of resources for recovery. Many have been left with little more than the clothes on their back.

Los Tres Desos (Three Wishes) Foundation’s Christina Smith also went about gathering clothes with the assistance of friends and volunteers at Los Tres Deseos’ Plaza Nautica Offices. The donations made their way into the neighboring hills where they were hit the hardest and have the least. Their offices—like Solomon’s Landing and the downtown fire department—are a drop-off point for people wishing to help and donate items. Hotel Bahia has also set up a donation center at its hotel.

Los Cabos realtor Sherrie Miller also took to social media asking anyone to help donate money for the Vagabundos Del Mar Restaurant and Bar, which is known locally as The Trailer Park. IT was ravaged by the storm. According to Miller, all money received at will go directly to Peter Cashmore and the Vagabundos crew. All cash proceeds will be used to help staff who are all out of work for what appears to be at least six months to a year. “Since it’s PayPal, it’s easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free,” Miller noted.

On September 3, Cabo Bakery and George Landrum II along with Salvatores Restaurant hatched a plan suggested by Daniel Pina in which their chefs cooked meals that helped feed families who lost everything.

And because rebuilding will not happen overnight, Cabo Blue owners Amanda and Scott Osborne are going to host a charity event for the poorer neighborhoods of Cabo San Lucas, including the Cabo Senior Center. “We are going to be asking local musicians to participate, businesses to donate prizes for raffle prizes, etc. We have not decided which location we will have it at as yet, Cabo Blue or Blue Thai because we have to get approval from our plaza owners. All proceeds from this event will go to the people of Cabo that need it, for food, clothing toiletries, etc. If you would like to help us, please message me, whether it be donations, or helping personally. Any help is welcome. We are looking at Saturday, September 23. I know there will not be a lot of tourists here by then, but I believe the people of Cabo can make this a great event. Maybe in October when there are more people in town, we can do something again at the other location.” said Amanda Osborne.

The Pet Patrol (Patrulla Mascotera), is also spearheading efforts to help feed and assist displaced pets that have also been affected by Tropical Storm Lidia. Donations of canned food, canned milk and blankets are items in most need. While the destruction wrought by Hurricane Odile was significantly worse the Lidia, the tropical storm’s damage has locals referring to Lidia as Odile’s little sister or cousin. Wherefore, each natural disaster has locals heeding the call to help those in need and assist in bringing Los Cabos back to its world-famous sunny tranquil, tourism paradise. It has been estimated that 4,000 people have been displaced and up to 100 remain missing.

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We will continue to add ways to support recovery as we receive them. 

Post by Fernando Rodriguez

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