post-title Gala de Danza at Mar Adentro Resort

Gala de Danza at Mar Adentro Resort

Gala de Danza at Mar Adentro Resort

Gala de Danza

Los Cabos Shine with Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Gala de Danza Mar Adentro Resort – A night with elegance and graceful movements dressed the stage at Mar Adentro Resort (soon to become Viceroy Los Cabos). With impressive outdoor scenery Gala de Danza came to Los Cabos on its sixth edition. Since 2013 Christina Lyon, Artistic Director and Founder of Gala de Danza with the assistance of personalities and government figures of Los Cabos has brought to our community all the elegance, precision and style than only the professional Classical Ballet and the Contemporary Dance can arouse. All the fortunate people that had the opportunity to appreciate the Gala were mesmerized by the astounding performance of all the professional dancers that put all their talent and graceful skills on the stage.

We were witnesses of professional choreographies interpreted by talented professional dancers from international companies and ballet schools with years in the trade. The precision and timing of the artists on the stage made the whole experience unforgettable. All the tickets were sold with anticipation and the place was at full capacity. The audience had very good attention from the organizers and the resort installations are so neat and classy, it was the perfect scenery for this magnificent event.

Mezzo Soprano Denyce Graves open the gala with a marvelous opera interpretation; she also gave us the aria of Carmen, danced by Antonina Skobina. The earth harp interpreted by William Close and the percussionist Shawn Barry gave us a tremendous spectacle, since the harp strings were hanging 150 feet from the building.

The experimented dancers Beckane Sisk and Chase O’Conell commanded 60 beautiful swans (local little girls) and directed the former principal dancers of the ABT, Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko for the Swan Lake. Juliano Nunes and Morgan Lugo interpreted “Back Forward Back”, a very powerful choreography. The singer Angelina Jordan and the young dancer Tate McRae interpreted Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”. Enrique Bejarano, a young Mexican talent did a remarkable pair of choreographies from “Toreador”, he also interpreted “Giselle”. Shale Wagman danced “Dysfunctioning Robot”. 14 years old Ashley Lew made her debut at Gala de Danza. Mariana Carrillo, Jake Tribus and Alvaro Montelongo made a wonderful performance with “Four Temperaments” by George Balanchine and a world debut of Sonya Tayeh. A couple of talented figures of the international ballet interpreted “Who Cares”, Tiler Peck (Ballerina Principal of the New York City Ballet) and Andres Zuñiga, who is by the way a native of Los Cabos, and apprentice of the New York City Ballet. He danced with an artist he admires, Tiler; one thing to consider about Andres is that he only has six years dancing, and only one of those years professionally. Lex Ishimoto, Daniel Ulbricht and Denys Drozdyuk interpreted “Three Men”; they had at the Piano the excellent performance of Jorge Viladoms. Tiler Peck and Lil Buck danced “Petrushka”, a marvelous fusion between a street dancer and a prima ballerina. Angelina Jordan Sang magically “Fly Me To The Moon”. To dress the scenic surroundings there was an incredible video mapping from Quixotic. At the end a Flash Mob with 100 local dancers that close the magnificent event.

Andres Zuñiga, who was born here in Cabo, said to the community of Los Cabos that being where he is right now, New York, is a dream come true. And you have to know that dancing in the New York Theatres is considered the Mecca of the first international dancers, take for example the Russians. Baryshnikov, Nijinsky, Nureyev, Balanchine among other great stage performers made their careers immortal in New York.

Written By Antonio Vargas 

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