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Cuervo’s House Review

Cuervo’s House Review

Cuervo’s House

San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Cuervo’s House Review – What the first thing you think of when you hear the word Cuervo? If you said Tequila, that’s a good start. On that note, well keep that thought in the family of Cuervo and extend the thoughts of Tequila and extend it into the idea of fine Mexican cuisine. The Cuervo family goes back over 220 years starting with Don Jose Antonio Cuervo who was the founder of the Tequila beverage. The Queen of Spain bestowed him the rights in 1795 when he founded the La Rojena Distillery.

Nowadays 223 years later, the Cuervo Family still produces Tequila, but Jorge Cuervo decided that he would like to follow in his fathers footsteps who developed an expertise in the culinary arts inspired by generations of the Cuervo Family and their deep knowledge of authentic Mexican recipes. They have a very interesting take in the ingredients
they use in their recipes. Lets start with their location. They are located in downtown San Jose Del Cabo across the street from the Bomberos, that is what we call the Fire Department here in Mexico. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will list some of my favorite dishes at Cuervo’s House.

Lets start with a traditional Mexican salad, the Caesar Salad which you will find on most Italian restaurant menus, but it was developed by an Italian Immigrant named Caesar Cardini who had a restaurant in Tijuana in 1924. Most of us know what the basic Caesar Salad consists of, but in Mexico or at Cuervo’s, they will add either chicken breast or
shrimp for extra flavor. If you would like to wake up your taste buds, try the Pescadero or fisherman salad which contains a Cajun crust seared tuna with mixed greens, black and white sesame, cherry tomatos and served with an apple-habanero dressing.

Soups are a nice change with your dinner and Cuervo’s has two soups that I truly love. The first is a Mexican classic, Tortilla Soup which is based with Guajillo a mild chili with Panela cheese, slices of avocado and fried slices of tortilla. It’s one of the best I have had in Los Cabos and the presentation is great. The second soup is called Spinach cream which is made with baby spinach, fresh cheese, pan fried squash and carrot.

Seeing were next to the ocean or Sea of Cortez, fresh fish is a must at Cuervo’s House. Simply put, the first time I had dinner there, I was told by Jorge that if they could not get it fresh, they would not serve it. A nice appetizer to try is Mixed Ceviche “Vallarta”. It’s fresh shrimp, fish and octopus prepared with fresh lime juice which they call a Vallarta style sauce which is outstanding. They prepare tuna al cilantro which is a sauce made with cilantro and served with rice and organic veggies. If you like shrimp, try the Agua del Rio shrimp sauteed with silver Tequila and mixed with diced chili pepper and onion. Lastly, another Mexican classic which is called “Huachinango” which is Red Snapper which has several slices on both sides and then deep fried to perfection. It’s a very simple way of preparing fish, but the end result is excellent. The skin peels of easily and the meat falls off the bone. You may think this would be greasy, but it’s not and if they have it the night you are in Cuervo’s House, you owe it to yourself to try it.

Photo by Andrik Oechler

If you would like to eat something from the farm, I have three choices for you. The first is organic baby chicken served with a Merlot sauce which includes chili de arbol. The second is one of my favorite cuts of meat. It’s called Arrachera Steak. It’s a flank steak that has been marinated to not only give it more flavor, but it also softens up the meat and if it is done right, it should have the consistency of a fine fillet and should melt in your mouth. You can spend a lot more money at any restaurant in Los Cabos for a finer cut of meat, but you will not be disappointed with the arrachera at Cuervo’s House. If your really hungry and there are two of you, you can order the Lava Stone Molcajete which is a combination of grilled and baked arrachera, chicken and shrimp with nopal scallions, Panela cheese and avocado in a Molcajete Sauce.

Photo by Hugo Román

I started off this review talking about Tequila and one thing that Jorge has not forgotten about is the tradition of his family, so on Friday nights at 5:30 pm, Jorge conducts a Tequila tasting and there are other locations that offer Tequila tastings, but where can you learn and also have all of your questions about Tequila answered by a family member of the oldest Tequila producers in Mexico. A couple of other things I would like to say about Cuervo’s House, both Jorge and his wife Claudia are very warm and sensitive people and will do their best to make you feel at home and the head waiter David is very easy to work with. When you decide to go there, I suggest you make a reservation and their phone number is 624-142-5650. Their hours are 7 am to 11 pm and they also serve breakfast and lunch and they are closed on Tuesday. Enjoy the time that you spend there and tell them that you heard about them from Bobo. Salud!

Written by Michael Bobo

Cuervo’s House Restaurant & Club
Address: 101 A Mijares Blvd. (Across from Fireman Station),
Downtown, San José del Cabo, Mexico
(624) 142 5650

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