post-title A Day Outside in Los Cabos

A Day Outside in Los Cabos

A Day Outside in Los Cabos

To explore Los Cabos as a resident, and not as a tourist. I’ve been here a couple of months now, and that’s all I wanted. To see, to travel, to experience. To not feel alienated by the desert, to not fill the role of the outsider.

Yesterday I went out to the beach with a friend. That simple.

We went to a beach called Playa El Suspiro (The sigh), better known among the locals as “la desaladora”, because of the desalination plant that is beside the entrance. My friend has lived here his whole life but didn’t knew the beach personally. I hadn’t even heard about it.

It’s a quiet place, not that impressive at first sight, the calm is just interrupted for violent ocean waves hitting the shore, not really a beach to go into the sea and swim your worries away. Or so we thought. At the heart of the beach, saltwater is filtered by the sand and emerges near the shore to go back into the sea, leaving behind a little “lake” deep enough to swim hidden between walls of sand, sited in here you can see the ghost of a pleasant afternoon, of thousands of groups of friends enjoying a warm evening and their favorite drinks.

The simple idea of going out looking for a beach to hang out with friends, something everyone growing up in here must have done a million times. Something so casual is barely even thought about. Yet a foreign custom to me. I’m someone who still sees a city thousands of miles away as his home.

A painting is coming to life in front of me, the smells and sounds of the quiet beach on a sunny day bring the memories of family vacations, of the routine breaking tradition of letting the waves carry you. This doesn’t feel like just another day in my life, but when I turn around my friend asks my opinion on the beach and I’m brought back to reality. The painting is still there, but I’m not on vacation and my family is not here. This is just what we decided to do today. Just a day outside in Los Cabos.


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