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A Brief History of Los Cabos, Part I: The Mystery of the Pericúes

A Brief History of Los Cabos, Part I: The Mystery of the Pericúes Learn more about the history of Cabo San Lucas 
and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The first human inhabitants of what is now Los Cabos were the Pericú, a hunting and gathering tribe whose territory not only included […]

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Natural History Museum Cabo San Lucas

Natural History Museum Cabo San Lucas The Natural History Museum of Cabo San Lucas is located in Plaza Amelia Wilkes Cesena, two blocks from Lazaro Cardenas across the street from the Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church (Iglesia San Lucas Evangelista). The Natural History Museum sustained some damage during Hurricane Odile in 2014, but is […]

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Club de Abuelos San Miguel

Cabo Senior Center. We need your help at the San Miguel Senior Center in Cabo San Lucas! Grandparents Clubhouse (Senior Center) San Miguel in Cabo San Lucas (Casa Club de Abuelos San Miguel) Asociación Magnifica Obsesion club de Abuelos • Cabo Senior Center • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Los Cabos Guide recently learned of an incredible […]

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Make a Difference on June 12: the World Day Against Child Labour

Estimates suggest more than 120 million of the world’s children ages 5–14 are involved in child labor. This is an issue that’s unfortunately very evident in Los Cabos, where children are often seen selling gum and other novelties. Mexico’s labor secretary, Alfonso Navarrete, estimates that in this country alone, there are 2.5 million children being […]

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Iglesia Catolica Comunidad El Buen Pastor

El Buen Pastor Iglesia Catolica – The Good Shepherd Catholic Church This church is under construction. The congregation gathers in a small temporary church across the street. Presbítero (PBRO) Priest: Gabriel Villalpando Perez Avenida Los Cabos, Esquina Paseo Cabo del Oro, Corner of Av.  Los Cabos and Paseo Cabo del Oro Colonia Cangrejos 1 ERA […]

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