post-title Make a Difference on June 12: the World Day Against Child Labour

Make a Difference on June 12: the World Day Against Child Labour

Make a Difference on June 12: the World Day Against Child Labour

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Estimates suggest more than 120 million of the world’s children ages 5–14 are involved in child labor. This is an issue that’s unfortunately very evident in Los Cabos, where children are often seen selling gum and other novelties.

Mexico’s labor secretary, Alfonso Navarrete, estimates that in this country alone, there are 2.5 million children being exploited.

The International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency dealing with labor issues, on June 12 calls for:
free, compulsory and quality education for all children at least to the minimum age for admission to employment and action to reach those presently in child labor;
new efforts to ensure that national policies on child labour and education are consistent and effective;
policies that ensure access to quality education and investment in the teaching profession


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And local officials and agencies ask that you refrain from buying anything from these children. Though it’s tough to ignore their requests, purchasing from them only perpetuates the exploitation.


The following information and photo were sent out by Gringo Gazette on Friday May 8, 2015. Re-printed here with permission.


You Have The Power To Help This Child

Photo courtesy Gringo Gazette

Photo courtesy Gringo Gazette

The little girl in this picture was snapped sleeping on the curb across the street from Squid Roe. It was nearly 2:00 am.

This sweetie is only a small part of the 2.5 million minors who are victims of child exploitation, said Alfonso Navarrete, Mexico?s secretary of labor, in anticipation of the World Day Against Child Labor that is commemorated every year on June 12.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), a United Nations agency dealing with labor issues, estimates that minors forced to work generate profits of around $15 billion a year worldwide.

These local Chicklet kids, who actually sell many different products, are not voluntarily working, they are forced into this and many of them are not attending school. By buying from them you are perpetuating the problem, not helping them. If you will stop buying, they will stop selling.

It’s up to you.


External link: Learn more about the World Day Against Child Labor

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