post-title Los Barriles 2×1 Discount Card.

Los Barriles 2×1 Discount Card.

Los Barriles 2×1 Discount Card.

Los Cabos Guide Discount Card: Los Barriles.

Two For The Price Of One: Restaurants & Dining

I thought this could be a good opportunity to write on the basis of sincere experience. Instead of a vague meaningless meandering words, id like to say something towards the genuine qualities of these establishments.
I haven’t been to every restaurant on the lengthy associate’s list, but I’ve been to many either to conduct an interview or on my own time to unwind with friends. I’ll start my list here.

Los Barriles Restaurant Bar

Two for One – 2 x 1 – Only for: Pasta, Chicken, and Fish dishes.  Cash Only. With Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card.


Los Barriles is a family restaurant. I sat down and spoke with Francisco Zuñiga Jr. about what the restaurant is about, where it came from and where it’s going.

Born out of a dream, Los Barriles, to my surprise, is an oddity amidst the “Mexican-Themed” tourist traps. The restaurant comes out of nowhere. The spot where the restaurant stands today saw many businesses start and fail. The Zuñiga looked to the at times abandoned spot and dreamt that one day it would be where the family restaurant would stand.

The concept was originally “a restaurant”, that’s it, a restaurant for the sake of a restaurant. The menu held 60 different dishes, every dish a man with 15 years in the food industry thought was good. The ideal: “To serve the client anything he wants”

Dishes ranging from Italian to Vietnamese, to Mexican, To Japanese. The specialty? Flameo. A barbecue-cart brought to the side of the table to cook your food in front of you.

Crazy right? Well it somehow worked out.

Here’s the kicker: “there’s no way we can sell quality ingredients and compete with our neighbor’s prices” So they outright didn’t. Barriles stood their ground and chose to be set apart from the competition, to put quality first. The hope was that customers would tell the difference.

Whilst we spoke a blond couple out of an add walked past and announced aloud: “This is our favorite restaurant!”

Francisco Zuñiga Jr. Paused where he spoke, broke out a smile, and waved back.

What else can I say?

Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card.

Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card lets you save money during your vacation to Los Cabos. Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card gives you the opportunity to stretch your dollar as far as possible. No coupons, No vouchers; it covers a party of up to six, and you can use it at the same place as many times as you want.

AVAILABLE FOR for $50.00 USD each.

Our participants provide various discounts.  Discounts go from 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and even two-for-one in participating activities, golf, fishing, fitness training, restaurants, and other activities and services.

The current card is valid through
December 31, 2021.

Los Cabos Guide Discount Cards is issued once a year on January 1st and is valid for twelve months.

List of participating businesses – Los Cabos Discounts Card

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