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Marina Fundadores Honors Don Luis Bulnes Molleda

Marina Fundadores set to unveil the plaque and monument of pioneers in honor to Don Luis Bulnes Molleda The group is expecting the presence of Lic. Carlos Mendoza Davis, Governor of Baja California Sur, Lic. Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, Municipal President of Los Cabos, and Lic. Miguel Alonso Reyes, Director of FONATUR. The event will […]

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Emerald Jewels in the Middle of the Desert

Emerald Jewels in the Middle of the Desert Cabo San Lucas, The Tourist Corridor, San José del Cabo, Puerto Los Cabos and Pacific coastline of Los Cabos. Emerald Jewels – If you could see from above, high up in the sky, you might be able to appreciate the green jewels shining bright in the ochre […]

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