post-title The 11th Annual 2019 San Jose del Cabo Music Festival

The 11th Annual 2019 San Jose del Cabo Music Festival

The 11th Annual 2019 San Jose del Cabo Music Festival

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The 11th Annual 2019 San Jose del Cabo Music Festival celebration date is scheduled for Saturday June 22, and will once again take place in the heart of the city’s Historic Central Plaza of San José del Cabo from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am. With support from the Los Cabos City Council, the Los Cabos Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture and Tourism Director of Los Cabos, this year’s edition is expected to be the best of its 11-year history. On June 22nd, San Jose del Cabo will join the tens of millions of people around the world, celebrating their own festival of music. Every year, during the summer solstice, 120 countries from all over the planet, including Mexico, celebrate the “International Day of Music” AKA “World Music Day” in more than 800 cities across the globe.

The “Festival of Music” originated in 1982 in France. Since 1997, The Music Festival has grown considerably, becoming a national event in several countries (Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) and celebrated in more than 800 cities including New York, Berlin, Mexico, and of course Los Cabos.
At the first Music Fest in SJDC, 14 musical groups participated, on 3 different stages, with an approximate attendance of only 300 spectators. In 2018, attendance surpassed 20,00 thousand spectators and more than 100 musical groups performed. This year’s notable bands include Rebel Ryder, Glass Cristina, and José Riaza from Mexico City. Chronomad of Toluca will also perform. Color Brother, Charly, Electric Motions, and Adrián Alburez are the musical bands representing Guadalajara.

Mexicali and Monterrey’s Cumbia Catrina will also be on stage as well as Boulevard Lights from Ensenada. Yolyo, Obra Negra, Zombie Realm, Karkage, For Widows, Malnacidos, and Mexican Weirdos are joing the event from their nearby home of La Paz. Tan Lines of Pescadero and The Sippers, Unmatched Style, Panic Switch, Los Chales de la Tía, Paloma Cristina, are the home grown Cabo San Lucas talent who are participating. The San Jose del Cabo bands performing include, Billy Calavera, The Jonkies, Dinesh, Back in Time, The Closers, Javier Aguilar, D Latin Jey, Calle S/N, The Cimarrones of the Sierra Club Pagano, Izahí & the Cabo Life Band, The Hightides, Sabina, Karla Kassaneth, The Circus, and Limanya Percussion. The list of bands extends to Bahia Beat, Juana Machete, Wirikuta, Mc Lokura, Hidden, Mc Luro, Sanjoneroz, Logical Mc, Uva Wet, Bxstxrdxs, No Justice, Low Quality 2043, Fool Lee, Trepone, Underground League, Under Mafia Crew, Reckros, David Rp , Lil Frozz, Fizkal, Taste Campirano, Los del Punto, New Element, Eminent style, Double Group A, Los Tres del Sur, Los Ausentes and Glass Cristina, Adrian Alburez, Rebel Ryder, Pargazz, Sabina, Tan Lines, Cronomad, Limanya Percussion, Brother Color, Electric Motions, Yolyo, Jose Riaza, Izahi & The Cape Life Band, Kumbia Katrina, Billy Calavera, Dinesh, Javier Aguilar, The Sippers, Paloma Cristina, Boulevard lights, Fernando Badillo, The Jonkies, Back in Time, The Closers, D Latin Jey, Calle S / N, Los Cimarrones de la Sierra, Pagano Club, The Hightides, Panic Switch, Unmatched Style, Los Shawls of the Aunt, Karla Kassaneth, The Circus, Beat Bay, Obra Negra, Zombie Realm, Karkage, Malnacidos, Mexican Weirdos.

In addition to the 20 garbage cans already installed by the municipality, the festival will buy 20 additional ones that will be distributed throughout the pedestrian circuit and garbage will be collected throughout the event to avoid the overflow of trash bins. Coolers and glass containers will be banned. More bathrooms will be installed at strategic points.
The food area, with different dining options, will again be available and consist of the following establishments, Arrabalito, Squid Roe, Kilogram, Wuachinangos, Mama Mia, Hamburgers Capitan Mat. and The Food Truck Gorditas Zacatecas.

An unofficial official After-Party will be held at Just One More bar located on esq. José María Morelos and Calle Ignacio Zaragoza with the participation of festival artists.


Written by Fernando Rodriguez

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