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Attractions in Nearby Areas of Los Cabos

These attractions are in areas outside of the general Los Cabos area. Agua Caliente Hot Spring, Wild Wet Fun Water Park ( in Caduaño),

Located just south of Los Barriles, Buenavista gets its name from its great views of Bahia Las Palmas, the Bay of Palms.

East Cape Offshore Tournament 
Bisbee’s organizes three annual fishing tournaments in Baja California Sur: the East Cape Offshore in July or August, and the Los Cabos Offshore in October and Bisbee’s Black & Blue in October

Cabo Pulmo National Park
With more than 7,000 hectares of sea, Cabo Pulmo is considered an international treasure, being a National Park where fishing is prohibited, in order to protect and take care of it, at the moment it is contemplated an infinity of fish in reproduction, that throws like result The increase of 400% of fish, compared to figures in 15 years ago.

Canyon of the Fox, Cañon de La Zorra, The Desert’s Hidden Treasure
Los Cabos is forever shimmering with pervasive natural magnificence, which you can easily find in every direction you turn. To discover the most intricate beauty of Baja California Sur, however, you must travel northward. There you will find the charming towns of indigenous ranchers, who have existed in isolation for centuries, subsisting amid the land, rivers, mountains, and canyons. There you will discover the hidden corners of ethereal paradise.

El Chorro Hot Spring at Agua Caliente
Hot Spring at the Ejido Agua Caliente.

Los Barriles
Sometimes called “the jewel of the East Cape,” Los Barriles also acts as the coastal region’s de facto capital. Besides sportsfishing, wind surfing is highly popular. There are also exciting quad rides along the hills up to several beaches with transparent water where you can snorkel or relax for a while before returning to Los Barriles.

Lord of the Wind Showdown
Organized by the Rotary Club of Los Barriles, the showdown has grown each year, and now includes parties, concerts and fiestas in Los Barriles, as well as affiliated events in La Ventana, another regional wind-sports destination.\

Shipwrecks and Nine Palms – Surf Breaks
Shipwrecks Beach and Nine Palms Beach are more remote East Cape favorites for surfers. The two beaches are located on either side of La Fortuna (Shipwrecks to the south, Nine Palms to the north), and both offer rippable point breaks, particularly when seasonal chubascos (tropical storms) generate exceptionally strong southerly swells.

Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range
Located 16 miles outside San Jose del Cabo, Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range is one of several UNESCO protected biosphere reserves in the Baja California Peninsula. This semi-arid area with an average temperature of 95° most of the year, offers the opportunity to admire how desert life makes its way, even as the most demanding conditions ask for only the best out of plants and animals. Activities: Hiking, Bouldering, Scrambling,

Tropic of Cancer Tourist Plaza and Monument
The new Tropic of Cancer monument tourist Plaza or Plaza Turistico Trópico de Cáncer, is located just outside of Santiago, on Mexico Highway 1, at Km 81.5, and celebrates the northernmost of earth’s three important lines of latitude.

Wild Wet Fun Water Park
Wild Wet Fun Water Park, is located in the Pueblito de Caduaño, at kilometer 66 of the Transpeninsular Highway. 15 minutes from the International Airport of San Jose del Cabo. The cost of the ticket includes the right to enter and enjoy all the pools, dozens of slides, palapas and lots of fun. The staff at Wild Wet Fun is very friendly, trained so that everyone can enjoy the water park in a safe way.

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