standard-title Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo

East Cape, Baja Califorina Sur, México

With more than 7,000 hectares of sea, Cabo Pulmo is considered an international treasure, being a park where fishing is prohibited, in order to protect and take care of it, at the moment it is contemplated an infinity of fish in reproduction, that throws like result The increase of 400% of fish, compared to figures in 15 years ago. This natural area has taken on more significant value, thanks to the support and effort of academic institutions, civil societies, government institutions and the local community, who works to promote conservation of the park, as well as the resilient care of the American continent, which captures atmospheric carbon and cleans contaminated air, all this biochemical process is very slow, but very helpful for all, also serves as accommodation for many species and if little contributed to be natural breakwater, protecting from storms And hurricanes by controlling the strength of the waves.

Cabo Pulmo offers a visual paradise, fish, mollusks, turtles, seagulls, herons, some sea lions and in times of winters are also observed humpback whales and fin whales, all this fauna in the company of the flora produce the More beautiful ecosystem, that through studies and exploratory investigations reflects the wealth that it contains; So it is important to emphasize that the guided activities that take develops in this placemust have a commitment to respect the fragility of ecosystems: not touching marine animals, not collecting any element of the ecosystem, not using sunscreens and promoting the use of lycras or t-shirts to avoid using the previous one, among others, as already mentioned the commitment and care is of all, the providers that offer the activities, also do the corresponding, so that this beautiful treasure, remain much more time.

Cabo Pulmo




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