post-title Whale Watching Season Los Cabos 2021

Whale Watching Season Los Cabos 2021

Whale Watching Season Los Cabos 2021

Whale watching season began this December 15, 2020 and will continue until April 15,  2021.

For the municipality of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.


This popular seasonal activity will create an economic benefit of approximately $ 87,220,000 pesos for the Los Cabos area, as revealed by Fátima Miranda Castro, general director of Economic Development and Tourism.

She highlighted that this activity, which is natural, offers many aspects for economic improvement.

“The providers of tourist services are going to be able to benefit since it is a tourist activity in high demanded by all our visitors, by all national and international tourists,” she said.

She commented that today more than ever, compliance with rule 131 issued by Semarnat will be required, which refers to the protocols that must be followed both in boats and those who use them, this in order to protect healthfor all those who wish to enjoy such a beautiful activity.

“I can tell you that last year there were around 150 thousand visitors. This year is obviously expected to exceed that number. Regardless of the panorama we are seeing, our destination continues to strengthen day by day. We continue to have more visitors, more tourists,” she said.

For this reason, she distinguished that it is important that all service providers, be they hoteliers, restaurateurs, tourist activities or the general population, must respect the protocols and health measures, in order to continue growing as a destination and in the economy.

Finally, she explained that with an economic gain of approximately 87,200,000 pesos, one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, which is boats, will be able to have an economic recovery.

Information provided by Julio Parra.

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