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Tropic of Cancer Monument Tourist Plaza

Plaza Turistico Trópico de Cáncer, Santiago, Baja California Sur, México.

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Monument at Tropic of Cancer Baja

The new Tropic of Cancer monument Tourist Plaza or Plaza Turistico Trópico de Cáncer, is located just outside of Santiago, on Mexico Highway 1, at Km 81.5, and celebrates the northernmost of earth’s three important lines of latitude. This monument replaced smaller, less impressive marker that had previously denoted the 23.5N parallel, and it currently serves as the center-piece for a tourist attraction, Plaza Turística y Artesanal Trópico de Cáncer. Highway 1, Km 81.5, Santiago, 23500. This Tourist Plaza was inaugurated in 2013. Hilda Martinez Guerra  31/05/2013   Loscabos

With the sole purpose of supporting producers in the region in the sale of their articles, such as handicrafts and various foods, the City of Los Cabos launched the project “Tropic of Cancer”, which had an investment of more than 5 million pesos.

Above photos April 2017 –

The project, located precisely at kilometer 82 on the highway (the long way) from San José del Cabo to La Paz, just where the tropic of cancer passes, was thought to benefit those producers, craftsmen and people from the nearby town, which is Santiago, so that they can offer their products to those who arrive there.  31/05/2013


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