post-title Things to Do in Los Cabos #1; La Marina

Things to Do in Los Cabos #1; La Marina

Things to Do in Los Cabos #1; La Marina


Your day is ending,  you came from far away, rushing to relax, eager to rest, waiting to do. Yet the time keeps ticking away, the sun is getting low, what are you doing now?

Why not go for a walk?

La Marina is a place you’ll probably going to meet during your visit to Los Cabos –if you don’t know it already. A large corridor from where you are going to sail. Everyone Does. Hundreds of boats for thousands of people. From short trips to the arch and back to long fishing journeys and whale watching, and everything in between, spending vacations in Los Cabos is to step into the waters of its coast, and walk on La Marina.


In a pathway of roughly 3-4 kilometers, one gets to see the many faces of Los Cabos, one walks beside restaurants filled with the heat of live music, many a local artisan offering their bits of work, artists hosting little exhibitions for the curious who wonder, sailors, going up and down as they move from one job to the other, salesmen fighting for your attention, trying to get you to stay yes, making their best effort to get you into a boat. People from all around the world walking at all paces, side by side with the locals who no longer think of where they are standing. Just another boat ride, embracing everyone who steps in, guiding them alongside the shore.


Lets Start Walking

As the path goes by one’s eyes start to wander,  they fix on the small things, the details that you will not find elsewhere, step by step turning a walk into a journey.

Some were generic pharmacy placed for you to take a picture, welcoming tourists, and a quick point of reference for Locals.






And right alongside them some natural decore. Glimpses of flora that invite you to see more, yet if I’m being honest, it doesn’t get much better than that. (Take that as you will)
















Some people have become part of this place, just as much as the docks themselves.










Some still reclaim this land as theirs, a view so common that often gets noticed by locals, yet they always make themselves feel present, with their noise they lighten up the faces of tourists of all ages.


But Why?

Why would you go all this way, the corridor feels longer with every turn it takes, the people start disappearing as you come to the end.

This Is Why

At the end of the concrete trail, you stand by your own at the end of the land itself. There you observe Médano beach and La Empacadora, two of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos.

Sited in the rocks you are faced with the endless blue of the horizon. Standing on the edge of the world as the smell of saltwater fills you and moves you around.

That is how I like to end my days.

And once the day is over, it’s time to start walking back. 


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