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Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México

The control and management of plagues is a necessary service in this region given the intense weather Los Cabos is known for, it’s essential to talk to experts on this matter. There are many companies in the extermination business that offer a 30 to 40 day guarantee, where they compromise to exterminate and control any type of plague while protecting the environment and more importantly our family’s health, making use of the best biodegradable products, most of them organic and odorless. The prices for the service may vary depending on the activity reported by the client, as does for the analysis and the method that the exterminators used. The job they realize goes from termite control, commercial exterminations, Hospital exterminations, domestic exterminations, thermonevulizations, and boat exterminations. 

These are some of the most renown companies in Los Cabos, fumigaciones del Cabo, fumigaciones Favela, RL fumigaciones, fumigaciones CaboMart, fumigaciones Peralta, FumiCabos, Fumigaciones El Arco, fumigaciones El escorpión, Máxima Fumigaciones, fumigaciones Boyco, fumigaciones C&M, fumigaciones peninsulares, fumigaciones Ecofin, fumigaciones FCCP de control ecológico among others. Now you know, if you have troblue with some plague you should call to an expert, they will be ready at any momment to put and end to the problematic that is bothering you.



Fumiplus is a 100% Mexican company born in Guadalajara in the year 2000 and moved to Queretaro in 2007. It had sustained growth based on its highly qualified staff and their experience on the market of integral plague control. Camino Real 2308 Plaza Meridiano local 13 Col. El Medano Cabo San Lucas BCS  Phone: 624-144-3953,  Email:

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