standard-title San Judas Tadeo San Jose

Parroquia San Judas Tadeo San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

This written in the form of micro-history is intended to raise awareness through the narration, writings and photographs and videos the foundation and construction of the Parish San Judas Tadeo; carried out by the enthusiastic participation of their community It is also important to mention that in the parish is account with different parish groups, catechism, you the group and a group of people who live a spirituality, (all spiritualities are a way to live the Christian life and are distinguished from each other by the aspect of the mystery of the Lord, that each accentuated in its follow-up.
Emerges as an initiative of love of God to continue his project of salvation compared to the needs of the salvation of man). In the parish is a table of the spirituality of the Cross of the Apostolate painted by Ms. Silvia Garza.


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San Judas Tadeo San Jose San Judas Tadeo San Jose

Address: Nayarit Street, San Jose Viejo, 23426
Phone: (624) 130 3765


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