standard-title Safety in Los Cabos

Safety in Los Cabos

Our writers take a look at safety issues for the Los Cabos area.

Safety in Los Cabos – Los Cabos Magazine publishes an article in each issue discussing safety concerns about the region. Here is a quick outline of each of these safefy related articles.

Come On Down!

While there are legitimate concerns about travel to some parts of México, Los Cabos remains a safe and secure destination!

Lover's Beach Cabo San Lucas - Safety in Los CabosArticle from Los Cabos Magazine Issue 45, Winter 2017
The U.S. State Department regularly publishes information about travel destinations throughout the world, including advisories, warnings, and restrictions. In its latest post regarding travel to México, the State Department focused much of its attention on the Zika virus that is affecting some parts of the country—not Los Cabos—as well as the cartel-related violence that has dominated headlines despite its affecting only a limited percentage of the nation.  read more Winter 2017

Numbers Don’t Lie

Statistics dispel common misconceptions about México.
Safety in Los CabosArticle from Los Cabos Magazine issue 43 Spring 2016. By Chris Sands
There is still a misconception among some—fed by what are often one-sided portrayals in the U.S. media—that México is wracked by drug-related violence and unsafe for travel. That simply isn’t the case, as anyone who has actually visited the country can attest. While it’s undeniable that México, like every country in the world, suffers from crime and has some undesirable areas, the vast majority of its cities and communities—cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in particular—are extremely safe. And the statistics bear this  read more  Spring 2016

In the Navy

In the Navy An inside look at the role and responsibilities of México’s Navy Los Cabos Magazine article by By Fernando Rodríguez, Issue 44, Summer 2016 México is one of the largest countries in the world. It has more than 5,800 miles of coastline and an exclusive sea zone that extends 200 nautical miles off each […]  read more

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