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Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Looking to buy your dream vacation home? Wanting to find a place to settle with your young family? Are you a retiree making the big move to México? Buying real estate anywhere can be fairly intimidating. It’s even more so in a new country with new-to-you laws and restrictions. Los Cabos Magazine understands that, and we dedicate a fair amount of space in every issue of our magazine to real estate. Dig through previous articles by our real estate expert, Carol S. Billups, and other staff writers to find out how to finance your dream home, answers to burning real estate questions, and even a mapping out of the region’s top residential neighborhoods. You’ll learn necessary vocabulary—what’s a fideicomiso?—and the steps (and resources) that will make your home-buying experience a smooth process.

The latest in Los Cabos real estate news.  By Carol S. Billups

Chileno Bay Development Gets New Name
Recent Developments – LCM #45 Winter 2017

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences
The luxury condominium project previously known as VieVage Los Cabos has a new name: Chileno Bay Resort & Residences, Los Cabos by Auberge Resorts Collection. According to the developer, the change will better reflect its location. The development is located at Chileno Bay, about halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

The branding will identify the residential product as being affiliated with Auberge, whose reputation for extremely high-end boutique luxury resorts is recognized internationally. Chileno Bay has long been one of Los Cabos’ best loved beaches for swimming and snorkeling. The development will include an Auberge hotel, the newly renamed residences, a Tom Fazio–designed golf course, restaurants, and a full array of amenities. Three- and four-bedroom units are currently being offered in presale.

The Four Seasons Comes to the East Cape
East Cape town La Ribera is home to Costa Palmas, a still-under-construction project that will feature a new Four Seasons Resort. Surrounding the resort will also be its eponymous residences and private villas. As part of the Costa Palmas master-planned community, owners will have access to the private marina, a Trent-Jones designed golf course, and the Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht club. Built by L.A.-based Irongate developers, the residences and villas will offer concierge services and property management by Four Seasons. The developer has indicated the properties will be available for sale in approximately two years, although there are some preliminary buildings in place. Costa Palmas is a 1,000-acre development set on two miles of beachfront property. Read More Here >>>>>>

Relax Already
 5 signs you’re making a good investment –  LCM 44 Summer 2016

Excerpt from Los Cabos Magazine article Issue 44, Real Estate · Edit
5 signs you’re making a good investment
By Carol S. Billups

It’s only natural. You’re buying your first foreign property. Your friends and family are all telling you that you’re crazy to be risking such a large portion of your assets on real estate in México. They tell you horror stories about people who have lost everything to unscrupulous developers. At some point, you start listening to them and tentatively begin to wonder, “What if I really am making a big mistake?” Are you really making a huge blunder? Probably not, and here are some reassuring signs that this investment will be not only safe but advantageous.

“Doy Fe”  Make no mistake: No matter how familiar sounding the title of notario público is, it is by no means the same as a notary public up north. In fact, a closer equivalent would be a magistrate. Notarios públicos are government-appointed attorneys who have completed four additional years of study and who are charged by the government with overseeing your transaction and ensuring it is safe. It is their duty to make sure that every part of the transaction conforms to the laws of México and the state of Baja California Sur. As part of that project, they will research the title, verify there are no legal claims, and see to it that all of the necessary procedures have been done properly. The last two words of the trust will be Doy Fe: I give faith—his or her assurance to you that your investment is secure.

We’re Committed to You  Let’s face it: The most risk-averse organizations on Earth are insurance companies. Concurrent but separate from the notario público’s investigation of your purchase, you may elect to have a title insurance company evaluate the risk. Major U.S.-based title insurers also do business here in Los Cabos, Armor (formerly Fidelity) and Stewart Title among them. When they issue a letter committing to issuing a policy to you for this property, it is guaranteed they believe you will never have to file a claim. Although the actual policy is not issued until after the closing, the letter of commitment is another sign that an expert feels that you are making a good choice.    Read more here >>>>>


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