post-title Presentation “La Última Oportunidad”

Presentation “La Última Oportunidad”

Presentation “La Última Oportunidad”

“La Última Oportunidad” (The last chance) is opening in Cabo San Lucas this May 12th.

Next may 12th at 18:30 the premier of “La Última Oportunidad” will take place is Cinépolis Plaza Sendero, Cabo San Lucas, debut film of the director Rodolfo Palacios, a rom-com filled with talent from Los Cabos.


In a conference accompanied by local authorities, the director Rodolfo Palacios and the star of the film Jeniffer Flores shared their goal of supporting Mexican productions and talent by incorporating more of Mexico itself in their films. Mexico’s film industry has been growing in the last few years, but most of it seems to revolve around the same faces and the same places, “La Última Oportunidad” promises to bring new faces, and portray a story that with its own tricks and twist.

The authorities present focused on the importance of supporting local productions, seeing this movie as an opportunity to help the Los Cabos film industry by showing how supporting the local businesses can be as well as the vast talent hidden in the destination.

The premier will take place this Thursday 12th in a press screening that will be followed by an interview with the cast and crew. Latter the movie will be screening in different states of Mexico, looking for a wider release, and most certainly making its appearance on streaming services later in the year.

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