post-title Plaza Amelia Wilkes is being remodeled

Plaza Amelia Wilkes is being remodeled

Plaza Amelia Wilkes is being remodeled

Plaza Amelia Wilkes is being remodeled starting July 2018

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Plaza Amelia Wilkes is being remodeled. The government of the State of Baja California Sur (Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis), is responding to the needs of the population in terms of human, social and economic development as a priority. “In order for progress to take place we must innovate and improve those aspects that allow our citizens to have quality living conditions, and that means more and better public spaces that ensure greater mobility and are accessible to all, “said Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis at the start of the remodeling of the square Amelia Wilkes Plaza, in Cabo San Lucas.

Photos @ 2018 Joseph A. Tyson – Los Cabos Magazine •

Accompanied by the mayor of Los Cabos, Arturo De la Rosa, the state governor pointed out that original Plaza Amelia Wilkes was not designed and built so that elderly people and people with disabilities could easily access it due to the unevenness that it presented. This is why two weeks ago (July 12, 2018) work began to start leveling the surface, which once completed will facilitate access to the plaza to be fully inclusive.

“Public spaces are for everyone, hence the rehabilitation of parks and squares in the state. We are aware that the Plaza Amelia Wilkes is of great historical and cultural value for the Cabo San Lucas population and we are going to highlight these attributes, but also making it functional. The façade of the museum will be restored, in order to reactivate it, as well as 33 shielded lamps, better outside fixtures consisting of 52 benches, 3 bicycle stands, 19 trash bins and 40 bollards (a sturdy, short, vertical post), with an investment of 24.1 million pesos, “he said.

Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis also indicated that when starting the demolition and leveling of the plaza, the small and medium size plants were removed. These plants were transplanted in an area that was set up as a nursery, and that once the work is finished, they will be replanted again in the plaza, while emphasizing that the most leafy and ancient trees were not removed and are being taken care of by construction personnel.

BENEFITS: Finally, the governor of the state underlined the importance that this work also represents for economic development, since 1,440 wages are generated directly benefiting 60 Cabo San Lucas families. Likewise, he thanked the citizens for their patience and understanding for the temporary inconvenience caused by the work, stating that the benefits at the end will be permanent.

See more information and photos prior to this new construction.
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