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Naturist Beach Etiquette for Nude Beaches and Topless Sunbathing

What is Naturist Beach Etiquette?

Simply put, while you may feel that the freedom to go nude suggests that anything is possible or “anything goes,” most sites that cater to skinny dippers have a code of conduct that they expect all users to follow. If you don’t know what these rules are, someone will surely take a moment to tell you.

Naturist Beach Etiquette has been adopted by nude beach advocacy groups around the world, and provides minimal guidelines for appropriate behavior when nude at a beach, pond, lake, or stream.Often these guidelines are tailored for a site’s specific needs, but in most cases, these generic guidelines apply.

1) Observe Parking and Access Restrictions – It is important that we respect customary parking restrictions and other posted requirements of the area. Crossing private property may not always be welcome. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings and learn what is necessary to be welcome. Dunes are fragile ecosystems, so they should be avoided.

2) Observe Established Nude Boundaries – The traditional nude area is often marked by signs created by the regular users or other natural boundaries. Please learn these boundaries and respect them, as well as the people with bathing suit preferences on either side of those boundaries. Always carry or wear a swimsuit or towel near the boundaries and when moving to and from the traditional nude area. If you don’t know where the boundaries are, ask someone.

3) Overt Sexual Behaviors Are Not Welcome – Nudity is not an invitation for something else. Traveling “Romeos” or “Juliettes” are not welcomed. Sometimes people may be carried away with the freedom that nudity affords them, but overt sexual behaviors can be rude and intrusive on others present, especially those with children. Further, open sexual displays are illegal and subject to arrest, even at a nude beach. Regular users of naturist skinny dipping areas are particularly intolerant of such acts and are known to call police as well as sign complaints. Bedroom activities are best kept there, or certainly well out of sight of others present.

4) Take Responsibility for Trash – Bring out everything that you bring in, especially trash. It is important to leave sites as clean or cleaner than you found it for the next person. Most skinny dipping sites are well removed into the forest or along a beachfront, so if you don’t take out your trash, the area will be spoiled, since no municipality is likely to do it. Also, strip cigarette butts from the ground. No one likes skinny dipping in an ashtray.

5) Photography Respect – It is rude to photograph persons without their permission. Not all people will be willing to be a part of your photo album, and some need privacy to remain securely employed. Please respect people’s privacy and that of their family members, especially children.

6) Bring What You Need – A minimal “kit” should include a towel, sunscreen, a bathing suit (for entering and exiting the area), water and refreshments, and a trash bag.

7) Stand Up For These Guidelines – New or otherwise uneducated people visiting sites need to know the rules. Hand them a printout of this information. If you see these guidelines compromised, don’t hesitate to say something. Some people go as far as informing the local authorities, but this shouldn’t be necessary. Most people are cooperative once they know the “rules.” Skinny dipping should be an enjoyable experience for all family members, and should not be subject to illegal activities that are likely to force authorities to close a site permanently.

The above information was found on the following web site and we wanted to share this information with our readers.  Free Beach Etiquette or Naturist Etiquette is offered by many naturist clubs, but is often attributed to The Naturist Society
The Naturist Society is a membership organization first and foremost. If you enjoy skinny-dipping, nude sunbathing, or that feeling of freedom while nude, then TNS membership is for you.

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