post-title Moving Tales: New Palmilla Dunes Resident

Moving Tales: New Palmilla Dunes Resident

Moving Tales: New Palmilla Dunes Resident

Moving Tales: Why This New Palmilla Dunes Resident Wishes He’d Made the Move Sooner

 I recently had the opportunity to chat with a new resident of Palmilla Dunes about the reasons he moved to Los Cabos, and, specifically, Palmilla Dunes. His reasons were concise. Having moved his family from México City a year ago, his main concern was better education for his two boys, ages 9 and 11. “There is a sense of community in the schools here,”  he explained. “They are more open to change.” As for his choice of Palmilla Dunes Los Cabos, “Nowhere else can kids walk unaccompanied to everything they need: five restaurants in the immediate area and all the sports activities with swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym. In México City, they needed to be driven everywhere.”

What made him decide to move? He jokes about having had brain surgery two years ago to persuade him he had to make a change for a better way of life for himself and his family. That rude awakening made him realize that life is quickly passing by; there is no time like the present to make a change for the better, and a better quality of life. He is very conscientious about the environment and is anxious to share his findings with others. “We live in a desert; every element is against us,” he pointed out during our interview. “After researching several projects, I found a conscientious developer who loves and appreciates the environment as much as I do. Quality construction-planning with energy and water-saving methods and a love of nature convinced me I had made the right choice. And, the HOA dues are less than anywhere else!”

Palmilla Dunes Los Cabos 2019

Palmilla Dunes Los Cabos 2019

Other obvious reasons to select Los Cabos are the many opportunities open for business. Although he maintains an apartment in México City for limited business purposes, he is finding more and more opportunities in Los Cabos. He said that relationships here are more sincere. “There is diversity here,” he mused. “Everyone comes from someplace else. There is social freedom here; there are no cliques. The air is cleaner, there is less traffic, and it is safer.”

He smiled when he said his friends are envious, especially when he points out that he no longer needs six people working for him in his household. He and his wife, who is from Guatemala, never have a problem getting his mother to come from México City to babysit; her bag is always packed.

What would he do differently if he had to do it all over again? “Sooner,” he exclaimed, without hesitation. “Happiness is peace. Here is an easier way of life, an ideal quality of life. I have everything here to enjoy life.”

By: Sandra A. Berry

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