post-title A Month and a Half in Los Cabos

A Month and a Half in Los Cabos

A Month and a Half in Los Cabos



So, a month and a half passed, Still overwhelmingly sunny. I got to witness my first hurricane and fell asleep through it.

A lot has changed in a month and a half, many of the moving pieces that we make part of our lives have been shifting for me, I’ve met more people, I’ve seen more places, I’ve been learning to live a new life.


And I’ve walked a lot. 


In the city, I got used to excruciating long distances just to go out with friends or watch a movie, here I can always just walk. Most days I walk to work and back, I observe the people in my way, I get used to their faces, I feel the sun, and I adapt to the pace. As you remove yourself from the center and its frenetic rhythm you fall into a sea of waving concrete and stories.

I look at the steps of those who lived, of those who grew playing on the sidewalk, those that dodge the bumps and notches of the age-worn concrete with mechanical motions, these streets have seen their joy and sadness, their dreams and failures. They yearn these streets as they do their homes, these streets belong to them.



Mine is not the walk of the explorer but the walk of the lost.
I wander through streets that don’t belong to me.



I’m living in a beautiful place that people visit for vacations, after a month and a half I haven’t seen a fraction of the world that surrounds me. Yet I search for something I know isn’t here. I pursue something I don’t know how to obtain, I seek for something that’s mine, something that only belongs to me and to this place. I long for something that ties my soul to this soil and allows it to flourish. let me know if you spot one of those.

Los Cabos has welcomed me and I’m learning to appreciate its virtues, but it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I walk its streets, It looks back as to a stranger. Just another tourist left behind.

It’s gonna take time.

It’s gonna take the right people, and the right places, and then more time. At least I’m still young. I can walk my way there.


The sun isn’t that bad.




∗ ∗ ∗


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