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Metate Cabo Restaurant

Colonia Tezal, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, 23454, Mexico

Metate Cabo serves traditional Mexican cuisine, carrying the legacy of the Molcajete and Metate that we are so proud of. Simple cuisine but great flavor made with love.

metate-restaurant-cabo-2018-7281-2Metate: Cabo’s Best Kept Secret—Until Now Rattlesnake mescal, rattlesnake included. Crispy scorpion tacos served on scrumptious azul corn tortillas. Fruit and pistachio trees pepper the dining space and beyond, bathed in the glow of twinkling lights entwined in their fertile branches. Tina, a soft-haired, energetic Pit puppy, runs through the legs of patrons, nipping playfully at her chocolate-colored, four-legged companion. Nobody minds—least of all the dogs, as they’re often fed off table corners and stroked gently by staff and visitors alike. Besides, there is far more to see (and taste) here.

The word Metate is defined as a flat or slightly hollowed oblong stone on which materials such as grain and cocoa are ground using a smaller stone.

Read the full article by Jessica Burdg here:  Metate Restaurant: Cabo’s Best Kept Secret—Until Now

Metate Cabo Restaurant
Address: Crispin Cesena s/n, Colonia Tezal, behind the Modelrama
Cabo San Lucas 23454, Mexico

Phone: +52 1 624 157 8760

Metate Cabo Restaurant, Colonia Tezal, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos – 22 August 2018 – JAT

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