standard-title Mesquite Wood – Mesquite Trees

Mesquite Wood – Mesquite Trees

Mesquite is a common name for several plants in the genus Prosopis, which contains over 40 species of small leguminous trees. They are native to the southwestern United States and Mexico (except the creeping mesquite, which is native to Argentina, but invasive in southern California). Source: (  The smoke of mesquite wood, when used as firewood to broil meat, imparts a nice flavor.

Mesquite trees have long been used by native people of the southwest for food, medicine, beverages, glue, hair dye, firewood, construction material, and furniture making. The smoke of mesquite wood, used as firewood to broil meat, imparts a nice flavor. Medicine – The black tar or sap of mesquite trees can be boiled and diluted with water to make eye wash and an antiseptic for open wounds. It was also used on sore lips, chapped skin, as a sunburn lotion, and as a treatment for venereal disease.

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