post-title Meet Mario Fernandez.

Meet Mario Fernandez.

Meet Mario Fernandez.

Meet Mario Fernandez.

Meet Mario Fernandez- Palmilla DunesMeet Mario Fernandez – If you’ve been to the new development of Palmilla Dunes, you no doubt have seen Mario Fernandez walking about the property, sometimes directing the planting of a tree or deep in conversation with the personnel tending the landscaping, or the architects or designers.

He’s a hand-on-type of guy. This is what he does when he is not officiating the day-to-day business of being the CEO of the Cufac Group, the developer of  Palmilla Dunes that was founded by Fernandez’s grandfather in 1949. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. His passion is beauty in all its forms, from landscaping to architecture to the final interior design. His attention to detail—he has chosen every shrub, tree, and flower—shows in each aspect of the beautiful new multiuse development located in the vicinity of Palmilla. He thrives on creating an idea in his mind and pushes it to fruition.

The 29-acre master-planned development will have 148 residences in Phase I, to be completed by the end of this year, plus an additional 52 homes in Phase II. “To locate in the world-famous Palmilla vicinity,” he stated, “was a given opportunity to become part of the reputation garnered by the grand dame of Los Cabos. My aim s to make Palmilla into one community. Very importantly there is a big vacuum of luxury homes that are affordable . I want to fill that gap and offer quality, multi-million dollar homes with more amenities at affordable prices.

Fernandez’s goal is to establish an affordable living environment within a friendly neighborhood that is peaceful and safe for family living. In addition to a private club house with tennis, paddle and pickle ball courts, pools and fitness center, there are retail spaces to house primarily food and beverage entities with beautifully landscaped areas where residents can sit, mix. and mingle and enjoy their morning coffee in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The building sources Fernandez painstakingly selects are to last. “For example”, he explains, “the hand railings are aluminum, not the usual wrought iron that tends to rust quickly; aluminum is more expensive, but will last longer.” The architectural design might be considered European contemporary, but Palmilla Dunes has its own style, which is very unique to Los Cabos and very attractive. A limited collection of exclusive residences comprised of two-, three- and four bedrooms, some with lofts and penthouses, all feature the signature open-living space connecting to the outdoors to complement Los Cabos living.

Meet Mario Fernandez- Palmilla Dunes

Palmilla Dunes

The long drive leading to the complex is reminiscent of Fernandez’s childhood when he and his parents would drive to a family summer residence. He remembers the tree-shaded lane that tends to envelope the mind, body and soul, creating a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. It is his hope that upon entering Palmilla Dunes, people will have that same Zen experience.

“My ultimate desire”, he says, “is to be proud of what I create. If I can make people happy, I’ll know I’ve achieved my goal.” Sandra A. Berry


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