post-title Meet the Cabo expert: Patty Soto

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty Soto

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty Soto

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty Soto

Palmilla Dunes, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

A popular proverb suggests that when you are faced with a large task, call upon someone with a record of accomplishment. There are three versions: If you want something done, ask a busy person. If you want anything done, ask a busy man. If you want work well done, ask a busy woman. Case in point: One of the busiest people I know and most proficient is Patty Soto. Her current role is assistant to the developer of Palmilla Dunes, a large residential complex. You don’t get to this type position without having a fine-tuned track record. And Soto has just that.

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty SotoSoto has a lot of education under her belt, having been educated at the management school at the Technologic Institute of La Paz with a special degree in company development as well as a business management Degree. She took advanced courses in communication, human resources, motivation, administration and management, safety and security, and on and on go the credentials. But just having the certificates does not necessarily mean the experience.

Various positions in myriad areas helped shape her career path. She has been a project manager, a project director, an internal auditor, and administrative assistant to the Mexico area controller, and finance department secretary. The list goes on. Prior to her present position, she was general manager of a boutique shopping mall for 10 years handling marketing and events, accounting, public relations, plus overseeing general matters at the owner’s other entities and establishments.

In her current position, and from the very beginning since joining Palmilla Dunes in July 2018, Soto has been the right hand of the developer. She knows and overseas the entire project, from the sales team to the gardeners, making sure every single part of the process is working according to plan. And then some. She also assists him with his personal life duties, from taking his car for service to arranging meetings with potential investors to arranging special events for hundreds of guests.

In between her busy daily schedule wherever she has been employed, she always finds time to lend a helping hand to many charitable organizations in fundraising events, daily operations, or as an adviser, one being Yo Reciclo, an environmental organization that educates the public to live in balance with our environment. Other collaborations were with Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Sarahuaro, Red Autism, Los Cabos Humane Society, and more.

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty SotoWherever she has been employed, her “can do” attitude is well known amongst her associates. Her motto is to work with people, not have them work for her. She has an astonishing ability to multitask and loves the challenge of making something happen when given the opportunity.

Meet the Cabo expert: Patty SotoSoto knows that all work and no play can become unhealthy. She makes herself take “me-time,” whether it’s yoga, hiking, or meeting up with a friend for coffee. She knows from first-hand experience the havoc that total work mode can do. Fortunately, she has learned to balance her professional life and her personal time.

Having lived in Los Cabos for many years, Soto knows and ins and outs of the area and where to go, whether seeking a new home or a recommendation for the best seafood restaurant. She is definitely a Cabo expert and the go-to-person.

Looking for a property in Palmilla Dunes? Call the can-do person.


Meet the Cabo expert: Patty Soto

Written by Sandra A. Berry

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