post-title Los Cabos Children’s Foundation celebrates 3 years of partnership with Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation celebrates 3 years of partnership with Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation celebrates 3 years of partnership with Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa

Los Cabos Children´s Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, fund, monitor and strengthen programs that have a focus on health for children in Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos Childrens Foundation Cabo Villas Beach Resort SpaLos Cabos Childrens Foundation Cabo Villas Beach Resort Spa – Three years ago, thanks to the support and initiative of Chris Erickson, Executive Director of Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa Hotel, the One Dollar a Day program was launched to raise funds for LCCF, enabling the tourism sector to help the community that welcomes them with such joy, establish a permanent program of corporate social responsibility and involve all levels of the company, from management to employees. All guests staying at the hotel have the opportunity to donate one dollar per night during their stay, accepting a charge on their account upon checkout. This charge is totally voluntary and the decision to donate depends on each guest. LCCF participates every week at the hotel’s welcome party to give guests more information about what this donation represents and to thank them for helping improve the health of children in the community. Also, they receive printed information of the foundation from front-desk and concierge and prior to their arrival via email.

Last year, the fundraising program through Proud Partner companies like Cabo Villas represented 11% of the total donations raised by LCCF, 87% came from individual donations and 2% from in kind donations. This year, we are working to increase the percentage of donations through local Proud Partners and expect continued growth of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program, thus generating greater welfare in our community while involving everyone in the local hotels and business.

During these 3 years, One Dollar a Day has allowed Cabo Villas to donate $79,065.83 USD (or $1,215,295.98 pesos), money that has been invested in health programs that benefit thousands of children in the state; only last year more than 3,300 children received help through this program and all other LCCF fundraising efforts. 2017 is projected as an excellent year, and it is estimated that One Dollar a Day at Cabo Villas raises more than $ 25,000 USD (or $ 475,000 pesos).

“We are very happy because in addition to the hotel guests donations, the sales representatives at Cabo Villas are very committed in supporting their community and donate a percentage of their commissions every month and in this past year donated a total of $200,000 pesos. This is also a way to donate that provides LCCF with long-term sustainability, and shows us that we can all donate, no matter how much, we can all save lives and help our community. A clear example of this are the membership sales representatives, of whom we feel extremely proud and grateful.

Los Cabos Childrens Foundation Cabo Villas Beach Resort Spa

Commemorative pins were also delivered to the employees of Cabo Villas Hotel who are distinguished by making a daily effort to share the mission of LCCF. “We are very grateful with the employees who join us with their hearts, who attend the conferences that LCCF performs at the hotel, who come to the LCCF stand to ask for information, who share their needs and connect us with children who need support to recover their health. And of course with all the guests that leave a positive mark in our community”, said Marisa Comella, Executive Director of LCCF.

One more year of partnership between LCCF and Cabo Villas has brought new accomplishments, such as inviting and taking hotel guests for the first time to the monthly visits that LCCF organizes to the General Hospital with Specialties Juan María de Salvatierra in La Paz to have the opportunity to become witnessess of how the funds raised for medical programs are being invested. “There is no better way for them to be convinced that their donation was worthwhile and that they are improving the lives of thousands of children.

Los Cabos Childrens Foundation Cabo Villas Beach Resort Spa

We were also able to participate through the leadership of Chris Erickson at the Bisbee’s Black & Blue event held last year in October and raise $40,467.41 USD (or $767,129 pesos). Events such as this one, celebrated in the community, are extremely important for the foundation, because they represent one more way of helping and joining the cause”, shared Vanessa Figueroa, Development Director.

“As a member of the LCCF Board, I am extremely grateful to the foundation for allowing us to collaborate these years as a company, always in favor of the health of our children in Southern Baja and I want to make an important invitation and encourage local businesses to join these efforts in the community” said Chris Erickson.

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