post-title Joseph Tyson Los Cabos Magazine Publisher

Joseph Tyson Los Cabos Magazine Publisher

Joseph Tyson Los Cabos Magazine Publisher

Joseph Tyson Los Cabos Magazine Publisher

With Peter Greenberg Worldwide Broadcast

This past February 24th Peter Greenberg Worldwide, the Travel Detective made his broadcast from el Ganzo Hotel in Puerto Los Cabos, San José del Cabo. He is a multiple Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer, very well recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist; Travel Editor for CBS News, he also produces and co-hosts an ongoing series of acclaimed PBS television specials, The Royal Tour, featuring personal, one-on-one journeys through countries with their heads of state.  Along with such figures as the King of Jordan, Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Presidents of Mexico and Peru, and the Prime Minister of Israel, Greenberg’s newest special features Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador.

This time, the Travel Detective came to Los Cabos and from the artistic facilities of El Ganzo Hotel, he interviewed some personalities from our picturesque community. Amongst them, our very experienced Publisher and Editor of Los Cabos Magazine and forever a Baja lover, Joseph Anthony Tyson shared his views and opinion about this region, how he came to Cabo as a pioneer and became a Mexican citizen.

Joseph Anthony Tyson

Joe, originally from Richmond, Virginia is now a full time Cabo resident with 30 years living in this beautiful Mexican town. In his own words “Is a great place to be, unspoiled for the most part”. He said when he came the first time it was a marvelous experience to explore the pristine beaches, to get into the desert and enjoy the beauty of the quietness of this Mexican paradise. He started as a photographer for a San Diego based Baja California travel magazine, then he developed his own editorial product, it was originally called Los Cabos Real Estate Magazine, then Los Cabos Guide and now is very well known in the area as Los Cabos Magazine

Mr. Tyson has two passports, since he is a Mexican and American Citizen, Peter Greenberg said laughing Joe got it made, based in the mood of the American authorities Joe can pick any passport it suits best for the occasion when he travels back and forth across the Mexican-American frontier. When friends came to visit, the spots he always recommend to go is to the ocean, the beaches, to enjoy the sport fishing, the culture, the restaurants, which are more diverse now, there are so many things to do. The end of the interview went into the Baja California produced wine, which was widely recommended by Peter Greenberg.

Some of the other interviewed personalities were Oscar Ortiz, a very well recognized Wildlife Expert and Photographer, he discussed why growth has to be a balance between tourism and local communities to provide a decent quality of life for the local population.“Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo”–Friends for the Preservation of Cabo Pulmo, which is a national park with live coral and amazing marine life, a diver paradise; you can see Orcas in this place. ASUPMATOMA, an association dedicated to protect the marine turtles. Claudia Velo “The Voice of English of Los Cabos” a very knowledgeable radio conductor and Armando Figaredo Radio conductor and TV anchor for Televisa.

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