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Sea Cabo Activities

Sea Cabo Activities

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Sea Cabo ActivitiesSea Cabo Activities – was created in March 2009 as  high quality company providing full service for aquatic sports and outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico. Experience an extreme adventure with our “FLY OVER THE WATER”  activity for all our friends and clients. Our core values allow to focus on security and provide the state of the art technique with certified instructors that are highly qualified to help you fly in a few minutes ensuring your fun to the fullest, first class service. We generally work to create experiences that changes lives and create smiles! Visit us soon. Our friendly team is ready to welcome you and offer the best outside activities and adventures in Cabo.

Actually Sea Cabo Activities is the number one company for maximize your fun on your vacation and see the wonders of Cabo from a different perspective combining air, water, speed, beautiful landscapes and marine life. Challenge your skills flying over the fantastic waves of Cabo’s bay in three different variations choosing the perfect for you: JET PACK, JET BLADE AND FLY BIKE.

These activities are working with jet thruster, some you can challenge your balance, it is the best they are for all ages, there are no limits to feel the unique experience the adrenaline under the water and above, it is an incredible feeling that you can’t lose.

Sea Cabo Activities


This a new water activity. It’s a propulsion pack located on the back, which uses a water motor that allows you to fly, do turns, submerge yourself in the water, and come out again to continue to spinning and flying.


Sea Cabo Activities


This is a new water sport. There’s a board under your feet whit two strong jet thrusters below that
allows you to fly above the water, submerge yourself in it, jump and do all type of pirouettes it’s an in
credible feeling, and you have to try it to understand it.


Sea Cabo Activities


Just like its name says, this is a bicycle that is propelled by a jet thruster motor, but you feel like you’re on a bike. It’s even easier to maintain your balance and in the water turn and do all kind of pirouettes.

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    Medano beach front at Pueblo Bonito Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., México


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