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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Miraflores – Also belonging to the municipality of Los Cabos, this small Town is considered part of Cabo del Este. It was founded in 1700 by French sailors. Formerly called old ranch, but due to the abundance of flowers and beautiful women was called Miraflores.

Here there is the only saddlery in the state that worked the skin, from where quoted wonders in the form of briefcases, belts, bags, sheaths, shoes, handbags and huaraches. In Miraflores there is a rich chorizo and a delicious crunch of beef, which are distributed throughout the state. Products of the French teachings, some fruits like the pitaya are packaged in its conservation and sale. Even in the month of July the fair of the Pitaya takes place where the best fruits are rewarded.

Not far off the well-worn tourist paths of Los Cabos is the quaint Mexican village of Miraflores some 30 miles north of San Jose airport. Here you’ll find a sleepy pueblo surrounded by organic farms and ranches nestled next to the Sierra Laguna mountains.

Miraflores Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MexicoOn the way into town above the road on the left at the towns main entrance one can find an old leather works taller (tall-yare) or workshop. Buy a finely tooled purse, wallet, belt or saddle for your pony back home. Further along the road on the right one will see another taller where Baja style rustic furniture is handcrafted. It’s fascinating to see the skilled craftsmen work and visitors are most welcome. A hot springs is located just outside town near the mountains. People will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Aside from tranquil streets, casas and lots of semi-tropical vegetation, the real charm of Miraflores is its simplicity, honesty and easy-going ambience as its existence doesn’t depend on tourism.

Miraflores Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MexicoThe town’s history dates back centuries when a half-dozen young Englishmen supposedly deserted a whaling ship after having been shanghai’d from back home. They converted to Catholicism, learned Spanish and married into the farming community. One can visit the cemetery and read English family names on the ancient headstones.

Birders, botanists and other naturalists will enjoy exploring the nearby mountains, canyons, creeks and waterfalls from either Miraflores or Santiago further down the highway. The areas semi-tropical environment is located near the Tropic of Cancer and is a veritable Garden of Eden for observers of nature.

Miraflores Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MexicoThough Miraflores is a bedroom community with a great percentage of the 3,000 inhabitants working in San Jose del Cabo, traditional life prevails here. People will tell you the most beautiful women, delicious organic produce and the toughest cowboys live in and about Miraflores. Horse racing, cock fights, futbol, Mexican traditions and church celebrations center the towns inhabitants. Miraflores makes a good first stop in the morning on the way to Santiago.  – July 2008 – David Mandich

Miraflores, located about 4 miles down the road from Caduaño, this village is populated by ranchers and farmers who have become famous and world renowned over the years by making fabulous leather and furniture handcrafts. The church in Miraflores is located near the small plaza just past the post office and a few local grocery stores. Natives of Miraflores celebrate their patron saint day, the feast day of la Virgen de Guadalupe, on the 12th of December. Residents also celebrate a fair in July to celebrate the pitahaya harvesting season.

This picturesque village is also renowned for the longevity of its people. In a prior visit to this town I had the distinguished honor of being introduced to a 101-year old Miraflores native named Clotilde Robinson. Our encounter was a bittersweet experience since Mrs. Robinson was feeling lonely ever since her 104-year old cousin suddenly passed away the previous year.

The town of Miraflores is located in the municipality of Los Cabos (in the State of Baja California Sur). Miraflores is 220 meters above sea level.  October 2007 – Matthew B. Dexter and Arturo Ramos.

Restaurant Doña Pame
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