Mariscos El Chivi y Los Compadres

Mariscos El Chivi y Los Compadres Restaurant

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Please Note: This Restaurant is Closed

A big question always gnawing away in the back of the travelers mind whenever hunger strikes is; where does one find good regional food in a strange town without one getting plucked, skinned, and cooked? After living in the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur for almost four years, I have conditioned myself to avoid tourist oriented dinner traps like the plague. Recently invited by a friend to dine at a new seafood place in Cabo San Lucas called Mariscos El Chivi y Los Compadres, my faith in local restaurants has been renewed. The moment you walk in the door of the bright orange (think A &W on nitro) palapa building, one is aware that this place is different. The tables are covered with two colorful table cloths, on top of which lay a mountain of condiments and tostadas, alongside of which will be standing one of the most attentive waiters to be found this side of the Ritz.

I ended up visiting the place three times in a week. Not because I wanted to do a good job on a restaurant review, but because the food was so terrific! And affordable for a local like me. But beware! This is a place where the quality is high, the portions generous and the prices low. So it’s all too possible to over order only to be overwhelmed by an over abundance of delectables arriving at your table.

My first order was the Ceviche Mixto. A dish found under the curious menu heading of “For A Good Lay.” My Mexicana wife explained that seafood is often considered an aphrodisiac in Mexico and “right” I thought. This appetizer entrée priced at only $75 pesos was in fact a dinner suitable for two! For the plate held a mountainous cornucopia of delicacies including prawns, scallops, clams, fish, octopus, calamari and more! All fresh and perfectly marinated. I could almost hear my wife thinking as I downed piece after piece: “with that much variety of seafood, something is sure to hit the target and get the old wedding tackle up and performing again.”

Already stuffed with seafood, my Oysters Rockefeller arrived, shells elegantly arranged on a platter of rock salt. Each shell containing a bed of creamed spinach upon which lay a plump oyster covered with a melted cheese sauce. Where, oh where (this side of Tonga) can one get luscious, professionally prepared Oysters Rockefeller for only $115 pesos?

It is here that I have to note that the kitchen in Mariscos El Chivi cooks Sinaloa style. This regional style often builds on French basics such as the classic white sauce, Bechamel. By adding regional ingredients such as cheeses, wines, chilis, and so on, the chef arrives at a sauce that is a rich, thick medley of Sinaloa flavors, delicious to the point of being sinful.

On another visit I ordered a regional specialty entitled: “Conchas Rellenas de Mariscos”, read: “Donkey Hoof Clam Shell Stuffed with Seafood”. Don’t leave me here. This species of clam is huge, roughly the size of a small elephant foot. But as it looks like a “pata de mula” or donkey hoof, the name sticks. The dish comes stuffed with every kind of fresh seafood they could haul in on the boat that day including crab, clam, prawns, scallops etc! All swimming in another rich Sinaloan sauce.

Mariscos El Chivi specializes in seafood dishes as the state of Sinaloa is blessed with a long border on the Sea of Cortez and enjoys a huge seafood fishing industry. But nevertheless, T-Bone, New York and Rib Eye steaks from the nearby state of Sonora are also to be found on the menu for those “Chicken” of the Sea diners.

A final dish not-to-be-missed was the Camarones Ranchera (ranch style shrimp) style. Now in most places this dish would consist of a half dozen or so prawns (shrimp) with a watery tomato and chili, chunky sauce ladled on top. But this is a Sinaloa kitchen and another fine creamy rich sauce, light on the chilis and tomatoes ruled the day. And there were 32, (correct number) thirty-two, medium prawns rolled up and butterflied in that sauce. Another dish suitable for two! Or three. Hey you guys in the kitchen! Anyone ever hear of a thing called portion control? Do you guys own your own fishing fleet?

Pacificos and Coronas start at $10 pesos and there is a full bar. Dress is casual with typical patrons ranging from tourists, locals, and cab drivers to hotel managers and their chefs looking to heist a recipe. This restaurant really tries hard to please and it is hard to not be pleased here. Find Mariscos El Chivi y Los Compadres a few doors east of the Chevy dealer on the Lazaro Cardenas in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Please Note: This Restaurant is Closed

Mariscos El Chivi y Los Compadres Restaurant – Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

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