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La Poblanita Restaurant & Boutique is a restaurant that serves traditional food from the state of Puebla, México. They are the recipes of grandma. The recipes of mama Lety. La Poblanita opens from 8 am to 10 pm, between the breakfast service and the dinner service the intention is to showcase the immense variety of the food from Puebla.

Where the clients who started to ask for the tradicional dishes. They said “Lets go visit La Poblanita” Thats where we got the name.


More than 40 dishes on the menu.

The traditional Semita is so big that sharing is recommended. It’s the star of the show. You can’t make the bread here, because of being at sea level. So it’s brought from Puebla.

The mole is homemade. Everyone else gets the pasta of the mole from Puebla. I’m the only one that makes the mole from zero. The mole has 22 ingredients, we don’t have measurements, it’s by pinch. The girls know how to do it, they have seen me preparing it many times, but for some reason, it doesn’t taste the same. That one recipe I still do myself.

The paper used in the mixiote is maguey’s leaf paper, we bring it from Puebla. For now, we just sell it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, during the week some people ask for it, and if we have it, we sell it to them.

The mixiote is an ancestral dish, eaten by Aztecs man Mayas, they coked it by burying the meat?

The mancha manteles was my headache. the recipe that now we make is from my aunt. It’s a mixture of flavors that you cant imagine, it’s similar to mole. It has paste like the mole, and almost everything, but inside it also has pineapple, jicama, and platano macho. It’s a rain of flavors, accompanied by tortillas and rice. A mixture of flavors that explodes in your mouth. but most people don’t know what it tastes like. they cant start to imagine.

If you like bitter-sweet flavors, you’ll love the chile en nogada.




  •  Monday: Tacos Árabes 2x $55
  • Tuesday: Memelas 2x$40
  • Wednesday: Sopes y Quesadillas 2x$50
  • Thursday: Pozole chico al 2×1
  • Friday: Enchiladas Verdes or Rojas includes fresh water for 90 pesos

La Poblanita Mexican Boutique & Pottery.

La Poblanita Boutique de Artesanias is a boutique of Mexican crafts, gifts, regional sweets, ceramics, talabera, handmade decoration, embroidered pillows, traditional toys, fine garments, select embellished and embroidered according to the region from which they come, accessories and silverware.








Salvatierra 310, Ampliación Mariano Matamoros, 23460 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.


22.89600706278788, -109.9243708899415



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