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Gaca Contadores y Asesores

Gaca Contadores y Asesores

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Gaca Cabo San Lucas LogoGACA Accountants and Tax Advisors., Its mission is to offer a quality service in the accounting, fiscal and financial areas, as well as to create and maintain the necessary tools to offer our clients a quality service. Achieving a good working environment for our employees, always being constantly growing, derived from the constant training and updates, this in order to achieve a permanent and valuable relationship with our customers and collaborators. Being a firm that is based on the quality and professionalism of our services, providing satisfaction to our customers and ensuring the permanence of the organization over the years, achieving versatility in services. Always challenging ourselves as an individual and as a signature. In GACA Accountants and Fiscal Advisors, we always try to work following our values: Honesty, discipline and responsibility, is a characteristic of our services.

    In audit, our main job is the one that is done for financial and fiscal purposes. However, we carry out audits for purposes of Social Security, Local Taxes, etc.
    As for accounting, our work is divided into legal entities and natural persons, taking care of the entire accounting department of the companies we manage in order to render monthly financial statements for the management. As for individuals only and as an aggregate service for some clients, we prepare their tax returns.
    In the area of ​​taxes, we constantly work with our clients to monitor the correct fulfillment of their tax obligations within the framework of the law. In this area we also see tax refund issues.
    Our Corporate practice has had a very significant evolution, since it has been intertwined with other areas of legal practice carried out in the firm, as is the case of the Fiscal-Legal part mainly.
    In administrative matters, the defense aspect is directed to acts of State or Municipal authorities, which lead to the filing of lawsuits before the Administrative Courts of the States (APR), or, if they come from actions of Federal authorities, through of the filing of the appeal for review provided in the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure and, subsequently, through the Nullity Trial before the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice.
    In civil or commercial matters, we work to give legal certainty to each act, carrying out a study and assessment by legal-tax experts, in order to establish certainty to the client of the fiscal effects that such acts will have.





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