Emovere Psychological Clinic

Emovere Psychological Clinic

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

LOGOTIPO EMOVEREThe Latin word movere (which means move) plus the prefix “e-” “move towards” and suggesting, in this way, that every emotion is implicit in a tendency towards action. Claude Bernard: “the stability of the internal environment is a condition of free life”. The preamble of Emovere Psychological Clinic is to evaluate and generate changes, the goal to “improve the quality of life”, to re-signify the functionality of a non-functional behavior, given by the quality of the “therapeutic relationship”

What do we intend to change? Behaviors, attitudes, thoughts or affections. When the human being suffers, a bio-psycho-social integration is sought. From the principle that every organism seeks to restore internal balance every time it is altered. To combine emotions, cognitive, behavior, interpersonal or the same system, through direct and personal contact via dialogue, framed within the privacy of the client.

Mission:  To be a group of dynamic and innovative psychologists, sharing our cognitive, ethical and human qualities to promote the balance and health of our clients.

View:  Emovere Psicological Clinc seeks to be a quality medical unit that contributes to the stability and emotional strengthening of our clients. With a future projection of continuous creativity in the search for sustainable growth and development in morals, virtue, duty, happiness and good living.emovere-FER_2173-r2

Values:  Our professionalism is accompanied by responsibility, and we always live our commitments with punctuality, quality, efficiency and effectiveness.
Movement, creativity, authenticity and innovation are key elements of our continuous growth in professional and ethical services.
Give our client the vote of confidence to get ahead. Value the reliability of each of our clients.
Face the truth and honesty always in congruence to our profession.
Respect and confidentiality go hand in hand to safeguard the integrity and trust offered by our clients.
Equity and empathy combine to give rise to justice.

Emovere Psychological Clinic

Blvd. Lázaro Cardenas, Edif. Posada Local 9D Col. Médano
Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. Cp. 23453
Phone: 624 143 3702  /  624 355 3642
Email: emoverelcarbajal@hotmail.com
Website:  emoverepsychologicalclinic.com/home

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