La Cascada Restaurant Dining Review

La Cascada Restaurant Dining Review at Vistazul Suites & Spa

Los Cabos Guide – Restaurant and Dining Review, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, BCS, MX

Archive Dining Review – December 6, 2006 – by David Mandich

Vistazul Suites and Spa, a boutique hotel with its restaurant and spa is a healthy and spiritual high point located a short way outside an otherwise hedonistic Cabo San Lucas. Alternative Mexican foods are served at La Cascada Restaurant along with a cornucopia of therapeutic juices of fruits and vegetables designed to calm and balance the body. Called Jugoterapia (juice therapy)––the combinations of orange, lemon, pineapple, guava, carrot, beet, celery, radish, and others are designed to alleviate various disorders ranging from diabetes and headaches to arthritis and flu. American and Mexican breakfast fare emphasizes the healthy with an abundance of fruit items, natural ingredients, as well as fat-free and low calorie foods.

Vistazul Hotel Baja California Sur – Vistazul Suites & Spa

Menu items include Healthy Rolls––Romaine lettuce stuffed with fresh vegetables and a choice of meats, and cheeses; or grilled veggies, mozzarella and rice. The Veggie Burger is served with grilled veggies, regional cheese and fresh sprouts.

A house specialty is the Mushroom and Nopal (cactus) Risotto with coriander, shaved Parmesan and char grilled asparagus. The fettuccini with fresh spinach sauce touched with white wine, garlic and cream is dreamlike. Shrimp Fajitas are brought sizzling to your table where you can make your own tacos with the medley of sautéed onions, peppers and nopal.

Roasted Dorado our dinner entrée, was cooked in a shallow clay dish with white wine, sweet peppers, thyme in a savory tomato spiced broth. The filet was large enough for two. You can’t find better dorado in Baja.

My Honey Herbed Pork Cutlet was tender and spiced just right. The pinnacle of the meal was the incredibly delicious Lobster Bisque with shrimp. The seductive aroma of lobster was ever present down to my last spoonful of the creamy soup.

The tortilla soup was respectably thick and tasty with chunks of avocado, panela cheese, and strips of tortilla. It should be tried by anyone wanting to experience a traditional top drawer Mexican soup.

One can enjoy a full range of beverages from national beers to smooth strawberry margaritas. No bar is evident as the drinks are mixed in the cocina. The desserts vary daily ranging from delicate cakes to traditional flan topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

The dining area is located behind the hotel far across the lushly landscaped lawns and swimming pool under a palapa. The night sky, underwater pool lights and obscure landscape lighting effect a serene ambience enhanced by the sounds of Italian opera and Latin artists softly singing classics such as the Righteous Brothers hit “Unchained Melody” on the sound system.

Adjacent to the restaurant is the Aguazul Holistic Spa, mentioned here as the restaurant and spa interrelate in healthful and creative ways. Besides a health club with classes in Yoga and Pilates, the spa offers over a dozen massage therapies and beauty treatments. The spa features Los Cabos’ only Temazcal pre-Hispanic natural outdoor sauna similar to the North American Indian sweat lodges. The process helps purify and release one’s physical and emotional toxins. Nevertheless, rum daiquiris made with fresh Baja limes work for me neutralizing my energy field and bringing peace to my mind and spirit. And at Vistazul, they know how to make them right!

Located on the Tourist Corridor Km. 3.5 Open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Entrée prices range from $9 to $20 U.S. Restaurant seats 50 under the palapa and the grounds can accommodate groups up to 200. American Express, Visa and Master Card are accepted. Call for reservations: (624) 144-4727.––David Mandich – December 6, 2006

Vistazul Hotel Baja California Sur – Vistazul Suites & Spa

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