Cabomarlini Sportfishing

Cabomarlini Sportfishing

Marina Golden Zone, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México

35-ft-cruiser-cabomarlini- is a consortium of some of the top Independent Fishing Vessels, and More Importantly some of the Most Experienced Captains in the Cabo San Lucas area. These captains have fished the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez waters for many years. They will provide you with the best opportunity for you to catch that treasured billfish. It has always been said that a good captain on a bad boat will catch more fish than a bad captain on a good boat. With you get the best of both worlds. We provide a clean comfortable fishing vessel with the hardest working, most experienced, excellent english speaking crews.

These vessels and crews are like that great restaurant that is off the beaten path that you would never know about unless someone local mentioned it to you. These are the boats that you hear about from the guy, gal or family sitting next to you while you’re enjoying a Margarita or dinner. You’ll overhear the conversation that goes something like “I’ve fished with Teo or I’ve fished on Cabo Marlini Sportfishing for years and never been disappointed”. All of these captains run their own vessels so they will take more interest in your charter fishing adventure. They want you to come back and fish with them again. They want you to go back home and tell your family, friends and coworkers about the wonderful experience you had aboard their craft. They take a tremendous amount of pride in their business and it shows. They will provide you with the most enjoyable fishing experience possible.

Hours:   9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Cabomarlini Sportfishing

cabo-marlini-spportfishingAddress:  Marina Golden Zone
Camino Hotel Hacienda, Centro,
23450  Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México

Phone:  624 143 4135

Phone:  011 52 1 624 122 3253 – Call us Today!

Email: – Write to us now!



Instagram:  @cabomarlinioficial

Cabomarlini Sportfishing,  Marina Golden Zone, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, , MX – 16 March 2021 – JAT










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