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Aura Spa

Aura Spa

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Aura Spa Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MéxicoAura Spa – Our spa, a sanctuary for relaxation provides a space for holistic rejuvenation. After guiding you to your private treatment room, you can disconnect from the outside world and begin a journey of total relaxation.

Hydrating Facials
City pollution, environmental stress, work pressures or lack of sleep can make your skin look dull, lifeless, this relaxing facial works at a deep molecular level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin.

A pedicure includes nail treatment, which gently polish nails to restore their natural beauty and a healthy look and shine; skin treatment and dryness, and an exclusive foot and leg massage to eliminate tension and heaviness.

Detoxifying Treatment
A stimulation treatment combining micro stimulation with detoxifying massage techniques, this treatment focuses on improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone muscles.

Back Massage
This massage is part of the exclusive Aura Spa therapies and has been specially designed for the weary traveler who simply want to ease the tension in the shoulders and neck. This massage focuses on areas of the body where tension builds.



Boulevard Marina S/N Lote 9 y 10, 23450 Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur


22.880937897858367, -109.9117966108264

Opening Hours


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00


9:00 - 19:00

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