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Artesanias Garcia – Artisanal Handicrafts

Artesanias Garcia – Artisanal Handicrafts

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Artesanias Garcia

At an early age I learned the craft of palm weaving; It all started with wanting to help my mother and continue with the customs of my town San Luis amatlan, miahuatlan, Oaxaca, where with the help of my great-grandmother and my mother Inés García she taught me the fabulous activity of weaving palm handicrafts where she does not forget On the contrary, it inspires us to do it more easily by weaving hats, blowers, bags, among a range of crafts that we make with palm.

In the town where I grew up they focus on making tenatitos, baskets for tlayudas and tortillas, purses, bottle liners, purses, pictures. The weavers obtain the palm, through merchants who go to the town to offer it and which they call palm vallista. At the same time, we handle woven plastic bags, plastic bags with ornaments and corn husk flower arrangements. It is common to see celebrations such as fifteen years, weddings and baptisms. such as palm items, centerpieces, decorations, or gifts for attendees. These palm leaf strokes come in a wide range of shapes and colors that are primarily aimed at tourist markets.

The weaving process involves cutting the correct species of leaves and then drying for about half a week in the beautiful sunshine. Mexican. The palm is then dyed with natural dyes, if color is required; the leaves are then woven together to give them the desired shape. We realize that a simple tenatite takes more than 5 hours without counting the preparation of the palm or a simple small bucket, with a lid it takes two days to finish.

Sales Items Palma, Pens, Notebook linings,
– Lined bottles,
– Tenates, Tortilleros, Letter boxes, Paintings, Flowers, and More.
Corn Leaf:
– Different types of flowers,
– Clowns,
– Quinceañeras,
– Brides,
– And More
– Large bags,
– Grocery bags,
– Backpacks,  And More.

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Artesanias Garcia

Artesanias Garcia – Artisanal Handicrafts,  Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos – 01 August 2020 – JAT



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