post-title How to Experience Signature Los Cabos Activities at Deeply Discounted Prices

How to Experience Signature Los Cabos Activities at Deeply Discounted Prices

How to Experience Signature Los Cabos Activities at Deeply Discounted Prices

The slow season (summer and early autumn) in Los Cabos has its advantages, particularly for those interested in the region’s abundance of exciting outdoor adventures. Water temperatures are ideal, with peak visibility for snorkeling and diving; smaller tour groups translate to more personal attention; and of course rates are often a bit more budget friendly than they are during the busy winter months.

Cabo Sailing

Set sail for romance and adventure on the Sea of Cortés–Champagne in hand, of course–aboard one of Cabo Sailing’s amenity-laden sailboats.

Or, for those participating in Los Cabos Guide’s prepaid voucher discount program, A LOT more budget friendly.

The area’s most comprehensive travel guide is currently offering deep discounts–35 to 50 percent–on a number of signature local activities options, from pirate-themed treasure hunts and romantic sunset cruises to rugged off-road races and hair-raising zip-lining excursions.

Here’s how it works:  Call the office for availability (624-143-1346, Toll Free: (800) 208-3924 or Vonage (619) 793-4973), then stop by to purchase (or arrange for delivery of) discounted prepaid vouchers that may be redeemed at full value at participating area businesses.

If, for example, you want to take your family on a sunset sail, one of the most popular local activities, you can buy $200 worth of vouchers at a 35 percent discount. In other words, you’d pay only $130 for a $200 worth of tickets. It’s that simple.

Dolphin Discovery

Who doesn’t like dolphin hugs and kisses? Enjoy up-close encounters with these playful and intelligent creatures at Dolphin Discovery in San José del Cabo.

It’s also a win-win situation. Los Cabos companies are rewarded with more business during the slow season, while residents and vacationing visitors get to enjoy some of area’s most memorable adventures at a fraction of their normal cost.

Savings rates vary from company to company, so feel free to visit Los Cabos Guide for updated listings. Here are a few of the best deals currently available.

Activities and Adventures

Imagine sipping Champagne as your yacht runs before the brisk winds outside Cabo San Lucas Bay, the sky streaked purple and red as the sun slowly sinks beyond Land’s End; or diving into the turquoise waters of a hidden cove, languidly swimming amidst schools of colorful tropical fish. These and other custom adventures–including day sails, snorkel and sunset cruises, seasonal whale watching outings, and overnight charters–are easily arranged (with a 35% discount, no less) at Cabo Sailing ( The cruise specialists maintain an amenity-laden fleet of 30 – 42’ sailboats, and customized food and drink menus are also available.


Oasis seeking Camel Quests are a popular adventure option at Wild Canyon, the Baja California peninsula’s biggest and best theme park.

Barefoot sailing excursions will wow visiting couples, but to impress the tots and teens, sign up for dolphin swims and encounters with Dolphin Discovery (www.dolphin in San José del Cabo. The company’s custom facility allows both children and adults alike to enjoy up-close interactions with these incredible marine mammals, including dolphin hugs and kisses that are captured for posterity by professional photographers. Dolphin Discovery vouchers are now offered at a 35 percent discount, an unbeatable savings on one of the Los Cabos area’s most perennially popular experiences.

Pez Gato

Smooth sailing catamaran Pez Gato offers some of the area’s best snorkeling and sunset party cruises.

The magic of Los Cabos lies in the close proximity of desert, mountains, and ocean. All three terrains are on magnificent display at Camel Quest, a family-friendly tour favorite at adventure park Wild Canyon ( that’s currently available at a 35 percent discount. After feeding, petting and interacting with the camels, guests embark on a scenic trek to a desert oasis, complete with gorgeous views of stark desert vistas, as well as the imposing peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna (the mountain range that forms the spine of Baja California Sur), and the sparkling azure waters of the Sea of Cortés.

Following this exploration of a dramatic cactus framed landscape from a ship of the desert, board an actual ship–a smooth sailing catamaran, to be exact–for spectacular looks at the dramatic granite rock formations that extend to Land’s End. Highlights of Pez Gato’s ( acclaimed sunset party cruises include margarita-aided guided tours of local landmarks like Lover’s Beach, Neptune’s Finger, the Window to the Pacific, and the sea lion colony, as well as food, music, and festive atmosphere. Snorkeling tours to pristine Santa María Bay and seasonal whale watching excursions are also available at 35 percent discounts.



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