post-title Guadalajara – Los Cabos – Loreto

Guadalajara – Los Cabos – Loreto

Guadalajara – Los Cabos – Loreto

Guadalajara – Los Cabos – Loreto

There is new air connectivity in the Baja Peninsula

“This connectivity responds to the increase on the tourism demand for the magical place that was in the past the first capital of the Californias, Loreto. With this, it is expected to attract more tourists from abroad as well as nationals from Mexico. They will be able to discover the richness, cultural, gastronomic and adventure experience this zone has to offer to the world. This provides to the entire state a meaningful projection in the international and national Tourism Market”. The Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (SETUES), Luis Genaro Ruiz Hernandez pronounced these words.

Nowadays, Loreto has a population of 17,000 people; it has an offer of 1500 rooms in a variety of hotels and resorts for every budget and taste. There is an international airport, a beautiful marina and a marvelous and stunning rebuilt marina boardwalk where you can appreciate the Coronado Island. This magical town still keeps its historical building, the “Mission, Our Lady of Loreto”, regarding visits, this one is a must.

On April 3rd, Aerocalafia Airlines opened a new route that connects the beautiful town of Loreto with the important cities of Los Cabos and Guadalajara. The airplane is a Brazilian made Embraer 145 with capacity for 50 passengers and a frequency of two flights per week, Tuesdays and Saturdays; the airline offers this new option to the tourism, since their CVF-460 flight ends up in Tijuana.

In the inauguration flight ceremony that took place in the airport building, the Municipal President (the mayor), Professor Arely Arce Peralta talked about all the effort made by her local government to support this new flight, and this is proof of the confidence of the private industry to invest in this tourist destination. Jesus Ordoñez, Director of FITUES, explained about the interest of the state government to promote the magical town of Loreto, in both markets, national and international, so eventually this will evolve into a better-positioned resort town. Aldo Leyva Montes, Commercial Manager of Aerocalafia commented the millionaire investment of the company to make possible the opening of this route, the purchase of two Embraer 145 airplanes that will provide 10,000 seats yearly for Loreto.

Terminal 1 Los Cabos International Airport, San Jose del Cabo

Los Cabos Intl Airport

The flight departs from San Jose del Cabo at 14:30 hours, it has a duration of 50 minutes approximately, and provides and amazing view of both sides of the peninsula from the air. You are able to contemplate the Pacific side or the incredible Sea of Cortez.

Written By Antonio Vargas 

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