post-title “Down in Cabo San Lucas” by SpringTown

“Down in Cabo San Lucas” by SpringTown

SpringTown, a country music band based in Springfield, Missouri, recently recorded a song entitled “Down in Cabo San Lucas” and the response has been overwhelming, not only with local fans but now a contingent of new fans from Mexico has embraced the group. It’s interesting in that a group of landlocked musicians from the mid-west has successfully captured the spirit of a favorite international seaside vacation spot.

“Down in Cabo San Lucas” is an anthem piece that beckons one and all to hit the tip of the Baja Peninsula with an urgency to capture serenity. SpringTown lead vocalists Cindy Tucker and Sherry Neill combine to provide the song’s catchy essence, while lead guitarist Derek Compton supplies a gritty punch throughout. Other Springtown members include rhythm guitarist Michael Tucker, drummer Marty Neill, and bass guitarist Kyle Diehls. “Down in Cabo San Lucas” is available for digital download through and

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Just checked the mailbox
And what did I see
Tax return check starin’ back at me

Now what to do
With all this money to burn
There’s a Baja destination
Waitin’ our return

C’mon baby
You know it’d be nice
The peninsula is callin’
Cabo paradise

And we’ll play a little bit more….
And we’ll work a little bit less….
Checkin’ in, but checkin’ out…
Down in Cabo San Lucas

It’s an excursion
Time to reserve
It’s a diversion ya know we deserve
I’ll get the tickets
And you make the time
We’re off to heaven
On a jet airline

We’ll hit the beaches
And sail the warm seas
E1 Arco de Cabo in the sunset breeze


A little closer
To the Equator line
The Chileno sun is burnin’ overtime
There’s summer year round
On Medano shore
Where the frozen margaritas and the Wabo pour

So c’mon baby
Ya know we’ll find
Mexico’s Pacific party Cabo state of mind

REPEAT Chorus…

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