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Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card

Vacation Savings Brought to you by Los Cabos Guide and Los Cabos Magazine, Cabo San Lucas,  Baja California Sur, Mexico

Use the new Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card to enjoy savings during your vacation or visit to Los Cabos. The Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card is your convenient way to realize big savings during your visit to Cabo San Lucas, the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor and San Jose Del Cabo. This is a new product and more participants are joining program each week.

AVAILABLE NOW at $80.00 USD each.

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los-cabos-guide-discounts-cardGetting discounts of up to “two for the price of one “or saving “up to half” on whatever you wish on your Los Cabos vacation is a wonderful option to have. The Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card was created specifically to help you find and enjoy you the best deals in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos.

Our participants provide various discounts. Some businesses offer  2 X 1 (two for one) deals. Others offer discounts of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% off options for participating activities, golf, fishing, fitness training, restaurants, and other activities and services. Discounts will vary with each participating business.  Our Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card gives you the opportunity to stretch your hard earned dollar as far as possible. There are no coupons or vouchers to keep up with. The card covers up to six people, plus you can use it at the same location for as many times as you want. This is a new program and very different from our successful Prepaid Vouchers Program.


los-cabos-guide-discounts-back-01• Before placing your order you must present your Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card with your valid identification.

• To make reservations for activities you must call directly to the provider of the activity. You cannot make reservations for activities online.
• If you are using more than one Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card at the table in a restaurant or other venue, please ask your wait person for separate bills for each group at the table.
• A maximum of six (6) people are permitted to use Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card at one time. If your group has more than six (6 people, you will need to purchase an additional card, that would be good for six (6) people.
• Offer valid with a $100 pesos minimum purchase of a drink or beverage (per person)
• NOT valid for the  “specials of the day” or any combination platters.
• NOT valid with other promotions, drink coupons, kids menus or orders “to go”.
• Tips are NOT included and should be calculated before the discount. (suggested 15%-20%)
• Read the information provided for each participant and check for any exceptions.
• Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card is NOT valid for use on major holidays.


The current card is valid through
December 31, 2021.

The Los Cabos Guide Discount Cards are issued two times each year and are valid for twelve months. Cards are issued January 1st, and July 1st,  each year.


1. Up to Two for One (2 x 1) savings or a discount of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50%.
2. If you use the card once or twice, the savings could pay for the initial cost.
3. You can use the card as many times as you want, even at the same establishment.
4. Use the card often to realize more savings.
5. Use Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card for big savings on much of your Los Cabos vacation, and for everything you may need.
6. The Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card is Valid for up to 6 people.
7. Never pay the regular price in Los Cabos with Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card.
8. There are no coupons, no vouchers, no returns, no hassles.
9. Your card will be mailed to your preferred address.
10. We can deliver the Card to your Los Cabos Hotel for a fee of $15.00 USD.

Price: $80.00 USD for each card

List of participating businesses – Los Cabos Discounts Card

Order Now with our secure order form:

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Discounts Card Listing Publication Agreement July 2020 – English

Discounts Card Listing Publication Agreement July 2020 – Spanish


Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card – 01 October 2020 – JAT

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