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Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card

Using the card even once will pay for itself in savings.

Fixed discounts up to 50% off.


1. Discounts of 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, or 50%, and up to 2 x 1.
2. If you use the card once or twice, the savings pay for the initial cost.
3. You can use the card as many times as you want, even at the same establishment.
4. The more you use the card, the more savings.
5. Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card is Valid for up to 6 People.
6. No Coupons, No Vouchers, No returns, No hassles.
7. Your Card will be mailed to your preferred adress.
8. We can deliver the Card to your Los Cabos Hotel for a fee of $15.00 USD.

$85.00 USD each.

Our participants provide various discounts.  Discounts go from 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and even two-for-one in participating activities, golf, fishing, fitness training, restaurants, and other activities and services.

The current card is valid through
December 31, 2022.

Save on: Restaurants, shopping, health care, and dental work, hotels, inns, resorts, photography services, car rentals,  spas, beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers. (including golf and sport-fishing, when available)The list of participating businesses grows and changes frequently.

Contact us.

Click Here for List of participating businesses.


• Show your Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card and your ID before placing your order at participating restaurants and businesses.
• Call directly to the provider of the activity to make reservations. You cannot make reservations for activities online.
• The card covers a party of up to six (6) people, which means that on a single card you get discounts for 6 people. If you are in a group of more than six (6), you will need to purchase an additional card, a party of 7 to 12 will need to acquire at least 2 cards. And so on.

• If you are using more than one Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card at a table in a restaurant or other venue, please ask your waiter for separate bills for each group at the table.

• Discounts are valid with a minimum of $100 pesos purchase in beverage (per person). If a person were to spend less than $100pesos on drinks this person’s drinks won’t be covered by the discount.

• The card does NOT cover  “specials of the day” or combination platters.

• NOT valid with other promotions,  coupons, kids menus, or “to go” orders.

• Tips are NOT included and should be considered before applying the discount.

• Read the information provided for each participant and check for any exceptions.

• Los Cabos Guide Discounts Card is NOT valid for use on major holidays.


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