post-title Chatting with Tito Rodríguez a Seasoned Jazzman

Chatting with Tito Rodríguez a Seasoned Jazzman

Chatting with Tito Rodríguez a Seasoned Jazzman

Chatting with Tito Rodríguez a Seasoned Jazzman

and Artistic Director for the San Jose Jazz Weekend 6th Edition

Chatting with Tito Rodríguez a Seasoned Jazzman – I had one of the most pleasant moments after the press conference held at “El Fish & Grill” Restaurant Bar at Plaza del Pescador, where the representatives of the sixth edition of the San Jose Jazz Weekend were talking about this iconic event. Tito Rodríguez, a seasoned Jazzman sat with me and other friends to talk about the festival and he also shared some of his personal experiences in the music business.

This time the San Jose Jazz Festival extended their program to six days instead of the traditional two, and locations in Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor and the middle of Cabo bay have been included. Amongst the panel was Astrid Castañeda General Coordinator of the Festival, Karina Corral Municipal Director of Tourism, Rodrigo Esponda Director of Fiturca, Raquel Rocha Director of Plaza del Pescador, Paco Castro Representative of CaboRey Cruise, Tito Rodríguez Artistic Director for the Festival and some of the Sponsors. The strong days for the Festival are Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of February from 5 to 11 pm at Plaza del Pescador, located in Paseo San Jose avenue in San Jose del Cabo.

Astrid Castañeda mentioned during the conference that they estimate 5,000 people assisting to the Festival in just the two strong days, also that they have been receiving more attention from the international Tourism with every upcoming edition. The conductors will be Claudia Velo, a very experienced speaker in Radio and Alan Castro, Director of the Institute for the Culture and the Arts for Los Cabos. Without any doubts the festival has grown and has acquired a good number of audience and demand. You can check the program on their website

Photo Provided by Antonio Vargas

By random chance, Tito Rodriguez ended up at my table at the end of all the interviews that he had to attend. Another sponsor, Vico Caballero, writer, musician and owner of the Restaurant Bar-Bookshop Macondo and the very talented and beautiful Ballet and Jazz Choreographer Euridice Aretos from Euridice Dance Center, accompanied us. Tito was very amiable and after talking about some of the festival details he told us about his life in the music business, which I found very interesting. I found out with great surprise that he lived for some time in the MGM in Las Vegas and he opened some concerts with Willy Nelson for Frank Sinatra! Wow. He has been in the music business for over 40 years; lived and played in Mexico City, San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, Cancun, Monterrey and Las Vegas. He arrived to Los Cabos in 2000, been here ever since.

“Either you live from the music, or you live FOR the music” and is the second I stand for, said Tito. Can’t wait to hear him play.


Written By Antonio Vargas

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