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Playa Cerritos.

El Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico; Only 10 minutes away from Todos Santos. Harbors Cerritos Beach.


Cerritos Beach is about 2 miles of black sand against arid desert. No all-inclusive-skyscrapers to murder the horizon, what goes for a hotel around here has at most 10 rooms. “Hotels” and private residences are few and far between, and amidst only dirt and cacti.

Although not unpopular, it’s for those who know how to get there, who’ve been down the Baja more than once. I’ve never once seen it anywhere near what I would call “full”, it’s often far from it.

Cerritos is one of the safest beaches on the pacific side of the Baja, hosting waves year-round for the uninitiated beginner and seasoned veteran alike. As a surfers beach, Cerritos is also probably the safest this side of the Baja, its waves form over shallow water, often five-footers break, and tunnel at chest-high depths over sand. The only rocks you’ll find at this beach are at its far edges, leaving plenty of beach and waves to enjoy far from danger.


You won’t really get much swimming done as waves are plentiful and constant. A dip and some floating around is more in tune. Consider in its place a long walk with the desert and one side and the beach on the other. Or hike the sheer rock formations outlining the edge of the beach, where the surf explodes against the rocks creating a flash of foam and momentaneous waterfalls that titter for an instant thru the sharp-edged black rock. The whole of the performance over in an instant, no two alike, you could easily stand here and stare at the sea dance around the rocks holding it at bay for hours on end.

Abundance for the few who venture off the beaten path. All be it in the right direction. Amenities include a single (the less the merrier) restaurant/bar right on the sand in case you run out of beers or get hungry, rental surf, buggy boards and Surf instructors a plenty. You can even find rooms to spend the night in one of the rare hotels that’s actually out here.

That’s what Cerritos is like, really good to who comes out here.





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