post-title Captain Tony’s a Fun Place to Go

Captain Tony’s a Fun Place to Go

Captain Tony’s a Fun Place to Go

Captain Tony’s a Fun Place to Go

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Captain Tony’s is a fun place to go. They are located on the marina looking out at some of the most expensive yachts in Cabo San Lucas. It’s also a fun place to people watch as tourists make their way into Cabo from the cruise ship they were on. It’s a very peaceful place to be when you just want to kick back, have some good food and
a couple of drinks.

I will start by saying that Captain Tony’s has a very extensive menu. If you can’t find something that you would like to try, then you are too picky. Lets start with a few suggestions for breakfast. A cup of coffee with refills $30 pesos, fresh orange juice is offered in two different sizes 12oz $40 pesos and 16oz $60 pesos. For a reference, I
will use the exchange rate of $18 pesos to the dollar, this can and will change, but it will give you a general idea. They offer your standard choice of eggs, scrambled or fried $95 pesos and they come with refried beans and fresh fruit. If you love your eggs in a Mexican style, try the Huevo’s Ranchero $105 pesos or Mexican style with chopped onion, tomato and Serrano peppers for $95 pesos. If you like French Toast $125 pesos or pancakes for $110 pesos. If you like something that has a combo, try The Fisherman,two pancakes, scrambled eggs and grilled ham with fresh fruit $135 pesos. If your into omelets, my favorite item on the breakfast menu is a shrimp omelet with tomato, onion, cilantro and cheese served with homemade hash browns and refried beans $175 pesos, yummy!

Captain Tony's Restaurant - Fun place

If you go to Captain Tony’s for either lunch or dinner, they have a lot of the same items, so if you find something you like for lunch, you’ll find it at dinnertime. Lets start with some appetizers. Everyone loves nachos and they have them for only $135 pesos. Chicken wings with your choice of either 3 sauces, 10 pieces $215, 20 pieces $410 and 30 pieces $605 pesos. Baja Ceviche, fish $235 pesos or shrimp for $250 pesos. If you ever wondered how restaurants make Guacamole, wonder no more, Captain Tony’s makes theirs at your table so you know it’s fresh for only $175 pesos. Tortilla soup or French onion soup $100 pesos.

One of the things tourists love to eat in Cabo is fresh seafood and Cabo has no shortage of it and Captain Tony’s knows how to prepare it. Here is a sampling of some of their choices. Shrimp, any style, in butter garlic sauce, breaded, Ajillo style (garlic and dried pepper sauce or mango, served with vegetables and rice $385 pesos.
Captain Tony’s Fish, steamed fish stuffed with shrimp, vegetables and fine herbs $400 pesos, fish any style served in the same choices of sauce that were offered for the shrimp $340 pesos and finally Imperial Shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon with rice and vegetables $410 pesos, simply delicious. While we are talking about seafood, a lot of people come to fish and when you do catch something, Captain Tony’s is more than happy to cook it for you. They offer four different options to prepare your fish that range from $7usd per person to $17usd per person.

Captain Tony's Restaurant - Fun place

Captain Tony’s offers three different pastas to choose from. Keeping in the Italian theme, they offer eight different styles of pizza which they cook in a wood fired oven to give it extra flavor and the pizzas are made thin crusted. Seeing your in Mexico and would like to spice up your tongue, they have a very good selection of Mexican
food. One of my favorite Mexican dishes is Arrachera which is a grilled flank steak, $295 pesos. Seafood Chile Relleno which is a Poblano pepper stuffed with shrimp, fish and scallops topped with tomato sauce and cheese and served with rice and refried beans $290 pesos. Chicken Enchiladas for $180 pesos or a Mexican Combo
which includes a Grilled Flank Steak, Cheese Chili Relleno, a Chicken Enchilada and served with rice and refried beans $305 pesos.

Captain Tony’s has a full bar, a wine list and very good selection of beers. Whatever time of the day you decide to go for your choice of food or drinks, you will have a fun time. They have a friendly staff and if you have any questions about anything, ask their manager Sophia who is quite knowledgeable of their menu.

Written by Michael Bobo

Captain Tony’s Bar and Grill
Address: Blvd. Paseo de la Marina 58, Centro,
Marina, CP. 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.
(624) 143-6797
Open: Daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

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