post-title Campaign Transpeninsular Sin Celular

Campaign Transpeninsular Sin Celular

Campaign Transpeninsular Sin Celular

Campaign Transpeninsular Sin Celular

A press conference was held on June 6, 2018 at Koral Center Los Cabos, Baja California Sur to introduce the new Transpeninsular Sin Celular Campaign. Transpeninsula Highway Without Cellular Campaign.

During August of  2018 the parent´s board of Centro Escolar Picacho Community (school) created a campaign to educate the public and held avoid accidents along the Carretera Transpeninsular by making a statement that cell phones are the main cause for accidents on this highway. Currently there are ten private entities supporting this campaign.  The organizing was started in August of last year but the launch of the campaign was during the month of April 2018 and their goals have all been met punctually.


The main goals for the Transpeninsular Highway without Cellular Campaign were:

  1. logo-transpeninsular-sin-celular-3Create a Logo.
  2. Invite other schools to participate.
  3. Collect funds for a video.
  4. Request permission from the government to place signs along the road.
  5. Collect funds to produce signs.
  6. Place 30 signs on the Transpeninsular Highway from San José del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas.
  7. Print logos for cars.
  8. Have children participate in the campaign.
  9. Create an awareness page on Facebook.
  10. Run a newspaper campaign.
  11. Remind all drivers that chatting, texting, or using mobile devices s while they are driving is a criminal offense and that they will be prosecuted.

Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor (school) is at the forefront of creating a COMMUNITY and uniting other schools with these same ideals. Likewise, the current Board of Directors will create the foundations for the next Board of Directors to build upon in September 2018 when they take office. Our goal of representing parents is to build a better community for the school and the municipality of Los Cabos jointly with other institutions.

We will shortly deliver the logos (stickers) for you to place in your car in a spot where you will only see them so you remember that cell phones can be considered as a weapon when they are the cause of an accident.  Lic. Laura Bueno,  President of the Parent´s Board  2016-2018

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Transpeninsular Sin Celular Campaign – Transpeninsular Highway Without Cell Phones

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