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Cabo Hurricane Fund

Cabo Hurricane Fund

DSC_9788-1There’s a new building project in Los Cabos, but perhaps you haven’t heard about it. It isn’t located in the tourist corridor and it is not a resort, or upscale residential subdivision. Most likely you would never see this building project unless you were guided through the barrios by one of relief workers who have taken it upon themselves to help rebuild where families lost everything.

Everyone knows of the devastation suffered by Hurricane Odile in September, 2014. The news channels showed the damage to the downtown area of Los Cabos, including the downed utility poles, broken windows, and other visible devastation. It did not show those areas of the barrios where families lost all their belongings, including their homes.

DSC_9754-1There is a group of organizers whose mission it is to address poverty-stricken communities, especially those hit hard by this major storm in Los Cabos. The Cabo Hurricane Fund ( is a unique collaboration between community-based organizations in Cabo San Lucas and the global community that supports relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Odile. There is a new process of building a home for a family using natural materials of Baja for an estimated $13,000. Three homes are completed and three are in process; some already occupied.

The homes are constructed with building blocks made of white cement and sand with rebar placed approximately every 3 feet vertically and horizontally, reportedly to withstand 150 mph winds. The natural color of the sand is the color of the exterior, thus no paint needed. Pre-fabricated beams are used in the interior with a slightly sloped concrete slab for the roof. The structure is divided into three areas; one for living, kitchen and dining, another for bath and laundry and one for sleeping.

DSC_9758-1Isaac Garcia is the architect and manager for the building project. The Cabo Hurricane Fund is one of several entities under the auspices of Grassroots Global Development Foundation organized in 2012 with the goal of providing locally-led organizations with tools and resources to address poverty in their communities. The foundation provides grants to programs with the potential for social impact. There are currently five partner organizations and one active special project : Sarahuaro, Gente Joven, Tricabo Kids, Buena Idea, Nepi Behna and Cabo Hurricane Fund. The goal for Cabo Hurricane Fund was set at $500,000; it is currently at 59% or $295,000 collected. To donate, contact

by Sandra A. Berry

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